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Though brides are beautiful in any case, it is still easy for many girls to “overly done” when select hairstyle in their weddings. Old-fashioned bun, outsize chignon and the overused hairspray is commonly seen. However, it is not only the complicated hairstyle that prove the importance of this a big day. Natural and simple hairstyle can also bring you romantics and happiness. Look at the celebrity weddings.

wedding hairstyle

According to the “Hairstyle Murphy Laws”, every single girl has all already thought of their hairstyle before getting married. Therefore, whether you have plans for your marriage or not, it is necessary for you to have aesthetic consciousness on the bride’s hairstyle.


This kind of hairstyle was out of fashion This elaborate hairstyle has been out of fashion.

Those who are fond of it seem to tell others like that “I am rich” “my wedding looks grand” “I am absolutely the protagonist today”. But excessively pursuing special is a ridiculous thing. The stiff and bizarre hairstyle which draws more attention often makes you look aged.

wedding hairstyle 1

Wedding hairstyle is not a race knitting basket. When it comes to the garish techniques, please forget it.

wedding hairstyle 2

No matter you’re square face or round face, one hairstyle standard of the photo studios in 80s is that two strand of curls hang down clinging to the cheeks. This kind of hairstyle should have been died out.

wedding hairstyle 3

Cake decorating is not bride’s profession

wedding hairstyle 4

At all times and in all countries, almost all the brides prefer to have their hair done in a bun which is a large size. A lot of hairspray is used to shape their hair. But after the wedding, the bun is usually in a mass.


The best hairstyle in celebrity weddings Natural is beautiful

Make a general observation of those celebrity weddings in which people always sing their praise, and you will find it rare to see the garish and complicated hairstyle. You might say that they look good just because they have beautiful faces. But one thing is important to note that sincere is the key point. Simple and natural hairstyle does not mean exposing weaknesses. Everyone can always find one type suitable for their face shape.

wedding hairstyle 5

Grace Kelly’s long sleeves and high neck lace wedding dress has been imitated all the time (her style was never been surpassed). You may find that the celebrity wedding hairstyle half a century ago was simple but elegant without too much complicated styling.

wedding hairstyle 6

Andrey Hepburn was the leading lady in movie Darling girl released in 1957. She showed up at the wedding, wore bright red lipstick and topped by her long veil with a white bow. Everyone was impressed by her amazing beauty. Simple wedding gown matched a simple bun. Even 50 years later after the release of the movie, there were still many women imitating her style.

wedding hairstyle 7

When Elvis got married, the bride, Priscilla Presley, was 21 years old (she made acquaintance of Elvis when she was 14 and married him in 8 years). She was beautiful young. Her shoulder-length hair looked like shiny satin, paired with bouffant veil and large crystal crown. Compared with the long drag yarn, this kind of short and “fat” veil matching the shoulder-length curly hair seems more cute and lovely.

wedding hairstyle 8

After enjoying the “older generation’s” wedding hairstyle, and then let us turn to the modern stars section: at Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi’s wedding, the bride Liu had a center parting of her should-length hair and showed her beautiful shoulders and collarbone. The elegant hairstyle brought her an aura of divinity.

wedding hairstyle 9

At Poppy Delevingne’s wedding, she chose the lateral wave hair, matching long white veil. All of that was permeated with happiness.

wedding hairstyle 10

Cara Delevigne is Poppy Delevingne’s sister and she was one of the bridesmaids. She wore simple bridesmaid dress with her hair up in a bun. These two beautiful daughters must be a great comfort for their dad who stood opposite staring at them.

wedding hairstyle 11

At Angelina Jolie and Bra Pitt’s wedding, Angelina’s long hair was also up into a bun. Their children’s graffiti on the veil was an sweet highlight.

wedding hairstyle 12

Princess Kate’s century wedding is also worthy of sharing. People who are dark-haired can imitate her style or just take it for reference: first, roll up the hair into the wave hair, and then tie up the above part into the Princess Head with the lower part hanging loose on shoulder. This type of hairstyle is not so complicated but looks very elegant.

wedding hairstyle 13

Gao Yuanyuan, is a beautiful actress popular among the public. Everything at her wedding was just appropriate, sweet and warm. Simple bun complete with flower hair ornaments really goes with lace wedding gowns and elegant makeup.

wedding hairstyle 14

At George Clooney’s wedding, his beautiful wife wore strapless dress with hair draped over her shoulder. But the most attractive one was of course George who was affectionate.

wedding hairstyle 15

Socialite Olivia Palermo even wore cashmere sweater and put her hair into a ponytail in her “lawn wedding”. As a fashion icon, she walked into the wedding hall with a lovely ponytail.


Hairstyle for long hair brides

Girls with long hair have a lot of choices in choosing hairstyle. But we do not recommend selecting the hairstyle which is a strong contrast to that of you in daily life. One rule must be borne in mind: the one which is fit for you is the best. Whether it is a ponytail or up-do, several correct hair accessories is enough. Remember do not let your hairstyle upstage you.

wedding hairstyle 16(2)

Look at Li Bingxian’s (a famous Korean actor) wedding. A snowflake shape diamond hair band and the low ponytail made his bride elegant.

wedding hairstyle 17

Another wonderful hairstyle demonstration from Poppy Delevigne. Firstly take a strand of hair on both sides of the temple. Then pull them back to your head and tie them up together with the veil. Finally roll the rest of the hair into wave shape. This perfect hairstyle is suitable for the outdoor wedding in summer.

wedding hairstyle 18

If you have dark hair, you can learn from Jennifer Maguire. Simple hair accessory to the wedding hairstyle is the icing on the cake.

wedding hairstyle 19

If you think that shoulder-length hair is easier to cover your eyes, then the hairstyle of the British star Andy Murray’s bride may be your better choice.

wedding hairstyle 20

Use a headband with white lace to bind your hair in the back of head. It is a classic hairstyle and must be your correct choice. South Korean actress Huang Jingyin’s wedding hairstyle is very natural. Two strands of hair just hang down clinging to her cheeks. Nothing is special but natural.

wedding hairstyle 21

Lauren Conrad parted her wave hair in the middle. Leaf shape shiny hair ornaments were used to fix the veil. In the party after the wedding, she removed her veil and tied her hair into the Process Head. Grate ideas showed in details!


Yang Mi’s (a famous Chinese actress) wedding hairstyle is also suitable for those brides who have a square face. A portion of hair was tied up into the Princess Head. The long wave hair was down to cover her relative wide lower jaw. One thing must be notice. The maintenance of hair before wedding is very important. Healthy and shiny hair far outweighs any kind of ornament.

wedding hairstyle 23

Gianna June tied her hair up into a ball in her wedding. This hairstyle made her facial proportion look good. Leaf shape hairband around her updo increased the sense of sparkle.

wedding hairstyle 24

Penny was married, although the gloom isn’t Leonard. Long wave hair matching the strapless dress is a good idea for those brides who are a little overweight.

wedding hairstyle 25

Princess Head is also very suitable for wedding occasions. Braid hair into a circle along which flowers are used to decorate. After finishing, it seems like a crown.

wedding hairstyle 26

Twist both sides of hair and fix them on the back of head. Then put the ornaments made of white yarn on it. Fashionable and elegant!

wedding hairstyle 27

Use veil to cover face is also a good idea. Lower ponytail and headband with veil helps you to be a modern bride. But the ponytail must be “plump” and its radian is very important.

wedding hairstyle 28

Curly ponytail is perfect for slim dress. It makes you full of vitality. You will have beautiful figure proportion.


Hairstyle for brides with Bob haircut

Because the length of hair is different, so there are different ways to have a Bob haircut. A same rule: do not try a totally different style which differs from your style in daily life. If so, after the wedding when you look at your photos, you will shout out like this: “oh my god! Who is the woman beside my husband?”

wedding hairstyle 29

If you’ve always been straight Bob head, just like Kiko Mizuhara, you don’t have to make a change in your wedding. It is suffice to wear your veil or lovely flower garland.

wedding hairstyle 30

If your hair is not long enough to be tied, but you want to be neat and trim, especially in summer, you can braid your hair of forehead into French braids.

wedding hairstyle 31

As for the Bob cut of wave hair, too complicated ornaments and veil can just make it look bad. If you are a round face bride, you just need to divide your head at a side and fasten it with a hair clip. Clip in hair is a not bad choice!

wedding hairstyle 32 (2)

For the bride with long or square faces, this kind of hairstyle is suitable. After dividing the long Bob cut, roll out some curly hair from the hair roots around 10cm. The hair roots are close to the scalp which is a strong contrast to the fluffy hair.

wedding hairstyle 33

Downtown cousin’s wedding hairstyle is a great demonstration. sideswept bangs can modify the face shape which is suitable for the gentle and lovely bride.


For the brides whose hair is too short to be tied up, please look at Daisy’s hairstyle (in movie the Great Gatsby). A special and shiny hairband is enough to make you amazed. Roll two strands of hair to be curl and let them cling to both cheeks. After that, you would be a modern bride with retro style.

wedding hairstyle 34 (2)


Short hair brides Try this
To be honest, there are relatively few hairstyles for the short hair brides. But hair ornaments can help a lot. Actually the short hair can make you cool, cute or elegant; you do not need to use a lot of complex ornaments. A classic diamond hoop or a garland is enough.

wedding hairstyle 35

At Hepburn and her first husband’s wedding, her high collar gown looked perfect. She had short hair with cute short bangs, wore a white garland. Everything was just right and fashion.

wedding hairstyle 36

Anne Hathaway had her hair cut short when shooting the film Les Miserable. At her wedding, she used a wide lace ribbon for decorating which incorporate retro and modern sense. Brides have short hair like her can take this hairstyle into account.

wedding hairstyle 37

At Sun Li’s (a famous Chinese actress) wedding, her shiny hairband really goes with her short hair. Her side swept bangs can not only make her look gentle, but also modify her face shape. Although 5 years have passed since the wedding, her hairstyle is still worth learning.

wedding hairstyle 38

Qi Wei’s (a famous Chinese actress) wedding hairstyle is more suitable for those who want to be a cool bride. Use the styling gel to comb all your virgin hair back to head. Then you will look cool as well as dignify.


Well, if you were about to choose a hairstyle for you (or your fiancée), which one you would pick?



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