Why Are Lace Front Wigs So Popular?

Why Lace Front Wigs Are So Popular?

Lace front wigs


Wigs were worn as far back as the Egyptian times, this was mainly to shield their heads from the hot sun. They would use beeswax to hold them in place. If you wore a wig it also showed you had status as those who didn’t, simply couldn’t afford them.

Throughout our history, we can see the Greeks and Romans wore wigs for fashion and in the 1600’s, wigs were worn to deter lice!

Now wigs are mainly worn for fashion and why not? We have an amazing range of human hair wigs. Soft and manageable and easy to take care of.

It is no longer too expensive to get the perfect hair with these amazing wigs, you can afford to have a new style whenever you feel like a change.

Our wigs are of the best quality and come at the price of a synthetic wig on our site, this is to ensure you get the most out of your purchase and know where to come back to when you want to try another.

Lace front wigs have a lip of lace around the front of the wig only. Trimming your front lace wig is easy and it’s up to you to choose how much to take off. Simple to care for and to fit this is a wonderful product which we are proud to present.
The styles we have on our website, give you so many choices you’re spoilt! Curly, deep curls, natural waves, tight kinky waves, straight with or without bangs, with or without a fringe. Then there’s all the different lengths, down to your waist, shoulder length.

Front lace wigs are so popular for lots of reasons, and they are smoking hot right now!

The front lace wigs can give you options for your style! The lace means you get to tailor the hairline and choose your parting.

Our wigs are carefully hand sewn using the softest and most durable 100% human hair.

The lace front wigs are strong and easy to maintain.

The need and popularity of Front lace wigs are ever growing, whether it’s to cover up hair loss problems or just to look fab.

Care Instructions

Lace front wigs

To keep your wig looking and smelling great, it will need washing once a week if it is worn daily or once bi-weekly if only worn part of your week.

Use cool water and shampoo to gently cleanse and refresh your Front Lace Wigs. Turn the hair into the water to get a good clean but do not scrub as this can cause matting and tangling.

Once washed, allow the hair to dry naturally. Using oil or conditioner, comb the product through using your fingers.
For curly hair, de-tangling must be done by hand, run your fingers through the wig gently separating any tangles as you go.
For straight hair, you can use a comb, gently work your way from tips to roots and de-tangle until the wig looks smooth and back to its former glory.

Lace front wigs are in high demand because they are so versatile giving you the most natural looking hair possible. Cutting your lace to fit your hairline and stopping you from getting that tell-tale line of natural hair poking through the front of your wig.

The material the hair is sewn into is light and gives your scalp room to breathe through the netted headpiece and creates a comfortable fit to allow wearing them for long periods of time with no stress or itching from overheating the head.

New Arrival Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

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