Whether You Can Cut Short Hair, It Is Right To Be Here

The hot of short hair set off by Gao Junxi, till now it is still enduring.
Everybody does follow suit, but not all the people are suitable for short hair. Those who are suitable for short hair can instantly improve the beauty and temperament, but some long hair girls are still more beautiful than short hair girls!
Short haired goddess Gao Junxi
human hair 1

When it comes to short hair, Gao Junxi is sure to be said. That definitely is a goddess-making history! If you have to take a name, then it is called From Long Hair to Short Hair, the training road of the goddess~~^_^~~
To say the former Gao Junxi, you must be very difficult to recognize, the identify is too low!
human hair 2

Romantic big side micro volume long hair or micro middle central long hair, Gao Junxi standard oval face can completely hold this? But such a face with such a long hair style, most of us will only come to such words: Oh, quite pretty face..
In such a South Korea full with beautiful girls and Up girls, this is really a very ordinary Korean beauty!
human hair 3

Even the most popular central waves didn’t give her much more beautiful.
human hair 4

Even the most attractive Pangke eyes makeup in such a long hair styling is not prominent.
Baby is hard to get red,which worried baby a lot……
So when the LOB has just come out, Gao Junxi goes to cut the LOB and makes a roll of LOB style, then he becomes hot popular!
human hair 5

Look and you will know how Gao Junxi is suitable for short hair, and the shorter her hair is, the more handsome she is!
human hair 6human hair 7human hair 8
Small baby fat face Li Huili
It is said if you won’t want to be ordinary, on one hand you depend on the hair color, on the other hand you depend on the personality of the hair!
To say Wuli Huili, she is an example that cut a short hair and then have a counterattack.
Long hair have absolutely no way to highlight Huili’s sweet attribute, but procrastination long hair will make Huili’s face look more fat.
human hair 9

Li Huili in <Please Answer 1988> is a rough and casual modeling, but return to the stage, she is mainstay of the beauty.
The delicate facial features, partial honey color Bob is very eye-catching, and the micro inner buckle down can modify a perfect beauty test
human hair 10

Same smile, but short hair Huili’s laugh is completely with cured function
human hair 11

I think Li Huili’s face is still very good, even if there is a little chubby, but short style can make long hair styling without features into an adorable girl who is not with bright but petite lively, especially her skin color is white, no matter what color it can be stained.
human hair 12human hair 13human hair 14human hair 15human hair 16

And this retro Bob, hair color becomes black, the length is down the chin. This is a test for the face, long face and big face has no chance, only small face can manage it!
Although it is retro, it is actually not old-fashioned, on the opposite there is a modern girl feeling in Li Huili’s body
human hair 17
Long hair is more beautiful than the short An Xiyan Hani
For the long face, high line of security Xiyan is almost not exposed forehead, compared to the long hair that has the sense of security, the short hair does exposure the shortcoming of An Xiyan face.
human hair 18

Moreover, That Hani cuts a short hair will be more easily lining her long face.
Even making the sweat modeling, because of mature appearance, Hani’s short hair modeling will let people feel she has the suspect of disguising as a tender girl.
human hair 19

Review of Hani’s Ombre long hair, the aura is not the same! This is an adult-ladylike woman!!
human hair 20human hair 21

Even the simplest straight virgin hair, also can let us clearly recognize Hani’s face
human hair 22human hair 23

The face is too long,it’s really good to have bangs, even if there is no bangs…… if you have pretty face, it is very OK!
human hair 24
Hairstyle Industry leader Kim Tae Yeon
Girlhood Tae Yeon can be regarded as the leader of hairstyle industry in Korea, not only her facial temperament has identification, but also her standard oval face and white skin let her be suitable to all kinds of hairstyle.
human hair 25human hair 26

To say about Kim Tae Yeon hair styling, in fact, you have such feelings after seeing: my attention is not focus on her long hair or short hair, I am more concerned about that her hair is golden or silver.
human hair 27human hair 28human hair 29

Actually, I still love her long hair.
human hair 30human hair 31human hair 32

Are you suitable for short hair?
Some experts have studied before, whether it is suitable for short hair we need to look at 2.25 proportion.
Your hair length from your earlobe to the chin does not exceed 5.7 cm?
Less than 5.7cm, so you have no need to hesitate, go to cut it short.
human hair 33

The real good-looking short hair is based on your care.
Can’t you cut short hair, first to look at whether your face is small, second to see whether your neck is long.
Mizuhara Kiko and Mizuhara Yuka, two sisters, but only the elder sister Mizuhara Kiko is most suitable for short hair.
human hair 34

Teach you how to have a short hair like Gao Junxi
human hair 35

Short hair point one: the dividing line does not be too straight
Sometimes it is very strange, why can’t we be so casual and natural like Gao Junxi after cutting hair, but the whole hair is the lack of flexibility? Actually, though carefully observation, whether it is partial or not, her line will never be straight, but separated messily, such can make two sides hairs be alternating, increase the sense of fluffy and modify the face, hair is no longer attached on the face closely, looks very natural,  it will make you look very feminine with small sootiness makeup.

Short hair point two: perfect hair is blew out
Hair styling is very important, Bob head should be blew from the inside of the hair first after shampoo, you’d better use the hair dryer to blow, which will make the hair look more naturally fluffy. When dried 80 percent, use = cylindrical comb to make hair slightly inward, and use the hair dryer to blow close to the roll, blowing bunches after bunches slowly, do not take a lot of hair all of a sudden.

Short hair point three: take advantage of the curly hair stick
The Bob air bangs hairstyle will be more lovely with the air bangs. Besides the outermost layer of the hair should be rolled in the opposite direction, so that let the hair tail can develop in different directions, and some go to inside, some outside, then use pomade stereotypes, thus the curly Bob hair built could be as fashionable as Junxi.
One who has curly virgin hair stick looks here, it’s an artifact if you make good use of it!

Short hair point four: Do not choose black in hair color!
Do not choose black in hair color, otherwise it will destroy the overall style.

human hair 36

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