What Can We Learn from Gisele Bundchen’s Hairstyle?

Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian fashion model, occasional film actress and producer. She is the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. In the late 1990s, she was the first in a wave of Brazilian models to find international success. In 1999, Vogue dubbed her “The Return of the Sexy Model”, and she was credited with ending the “heroin chic” era of modeling. She was one of Victoria’s Secret Angels from 1999 until 2006. She pioneered the “horse walk”, a stomping movement created when a model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front.

She is a sexy goddess, who is the hottest international top supermodel, she has a proud and perfect figure, which makes her never be washed out in the fashion trend, and she is the world’s richest Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Today let’s appreciate the darling of the fashion industry is how to deduce the fashion with a charming style!Straight hair’s charm

Straight hair’s charm
Although the most charming of Gisele is her curly hair, but even if she has a straight glossy hair, she also remains make us envy. MM who like straight hair can have a try , it is not only convenient but also let you needn’t worry about a permanent damage to hair caused by ironing.Frizzy and sexy hairstyle

Frizzy and sexy hairstyle
This frizzy hairstyle tells us that so long as you have the ability, even frizzy one can also have a pure and sexy time. But there is a difference between the frizzy hairstyle and the arbitrary one, if not knowing the techniques, you’d better avoid it as much as possible.Glossy hair

Glossy hair
Having a shiny hair is absolutely a fascinating weapon. Gisele is telling you that the shiny hairstyle is the foundation of all hairstyles. So please remember to maintain your hair frequently.Leaning to one side

Leaning to one side
This is a traditional sex symbol of American big screen type. The classical modeling of a traditional beauty is also suitable for Gisele. The MM who likes every inch of a lady can have a try.The natural curls

The natural curls
As if the natural curls after washed, which are pure, fresh and lively, are absolutely a charming hairstyle with a magical effect for Gisele. The MM who have a long hair, come to learn in a hurry!Sexy curly hair

Sexy curly hair
This is the characteristic hairstyle parted in the middle, being full of the elastic curls, natural and sexy. The MM who likes curls can have an imitation.Messy blooming curly hair

Messy blooming curly hair
The blooming curly hair with an exaggerated chaos also can be interpreted properly by Gisele, having a carefree girl temperament, innocent and lively.The ultimate curly hair

The ultimate curly hair
There is a little deeper hair color, if comparing with the usual one, and no matter how to change, Gisele”s curls, are deeply loved by us.



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