[Virgin Hair] Short Haircut Is Sexy as the Same

Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Ko Joon Hee and Seo In Young. For the first time, superstars from west to the east, cut their hair so far without discussion.
Most of the time, I`ve shown my support for long and medium hair, but not this time. Because this is the season for SUPER short hair!
What is the purpose of short hair? The shorter the better.

short hair extensions 1

Ko Joon Hee short haircut, what a term to saves my homilies.
short hair extensions 2

This haircut will not make you look like a boy in any way. Instead, it makes you more like a little girl. The key is the coffee and the untidy manner.

Zhou Xun`s short hair.
Never think Zhou Xun is man-like for people call her Mr. Zhou. Guo Biting has long black virgin hair, which did not stop people calling her “husband” in her blog. That IS charm!
short hair extensions 3

Mr. Zhou is famous for short haircut. Her delicate look matches any outline.Short hair does have the possibility to make you look like a boy, yet the bangs on the forehead makes sure it didn`t go that way.

short hair extensions 4

Look at this magnificent short haircut! The only space left for improvement is the middle-split bangs.


Short haircut makes Guo Caijie look like a naughty girl.

short hair extensions 5

I believe many girls took her as the model when they go to barbershop for shortcut. Long haired Guo has little to arouse people`s attention, yet the short hair is a strong mark that makes her different even when surrounded by taller people.


Sun Li`s short haircut.

short hair extensions 6

Sun Li is the model for many girls. With a little operation, she can be as kind as a woman, or as handsome as a man. Deeply pressed short hair has fully revealed her delicate face.


Anne Hathaway

short hair extensions 7

Similiar with Zhou Xun, Anne Hathaway`s light colored hair adds a few gentleness in her. The absence of excessive decoration and the short bangs make her perfection even more outstanding.


Seo In Young looks younger in short hair.

short hair extensions 8

Are you up to the challenge of this short haircut? Flaxen gold makes Seo In Young look younger than her real age.
One of the advantages of this shortcut is that, it covers one`s forehead and put people`s focus on jaw. So what are you waiting for, cute-jaw girl?


Lunmei Kwai: boy`s short haircut.

short hair extensions 9

Her unique charm wins the hearts from not only boys, but girls, too. Her boy-like look leads to a new fashion that many follows.

short hair extensions 10

You think boyish short haircut doesn`t fit girls? A look at Lunmei Kwai will tell you how cool a girl can be with short hair! Disconnected hair enriches the hairstyel as a whole; while the bangs softens the sense of manhood.
Cecilia, reminds me of my sister

short hair extensions 11

Compared with long virgin hair, air bangs makes short hair girls look more active and lively.

short hair extensions 12

No wonder some says a model has to have either temperament or beauty. How fit is the short haircut on Cecilia head! Long face is the key, I suppose.
For sure, this style is cooler that lob or wob hairstyle!
Xu Lu`s straight short virgin hair.

short hair extensions 13

Xu Lu is also on this  trend, look at her straight short haircut.
I heard some ladies saying all they want is a simple short haircut. Now you have one to your taste.

short hair extensions 14

Short haircut at this length is changeable, fluffy perm, for example.


Mao Xiaotong`s delicate short haircut.

short hair extensions 15

Air bangs is an effective tool to ease the length of one`s face. Mao Xiaotong has a delicate oval face.
Flaxen is an improvement for this shortcut.


Hepburn`s short haircut

short hair extensions 16

Hepburn`s short haircut has much plasticity, which happens to be my favorite: middle-split, inside curls pressing against cheeks.

short hair extensions 17

Tips for Caring Short haircut:
1. The key for caring short haircut is drying: focus on the skin while drying your natural human hair so as to make your hair fluffy; meanwhile, let the air goes against your hair. Paint your hair with treatment product when you are done drying.
2. Comb your virgin hair and straighten your virgin hair with straigntener.
3. Stroke your hair with fingers slowly.
4. Make your bangs look casual.
5. Manage to make some radian with comb or hair drier so that your hair looks natural.


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