Various Materials For Hair Extensions

Are you familiar with the materials for hair extensions? A few customers often regret purchasing the hair extensions. Their unsatisfying result usually arises from bad quality of these extensions. The modern hair extensions can be made out of various materials. Now, let’s get to know them.

Hair Extensions1Artificial hair
Currently, the artificial hair includes kanekalon, high-temperature resistance fiber, BR, Korea material and the like. The kanekalon is typically manufactured by Japanese company. This material is well known for its top quality, super color and gloss close to the real hair. As it looks and feels like natural hair, it’s much more expensive than other materials.
The high-temperature resistance fiber is also a good choice for hair extensions. As its name suggests, its major benefit is that it’s able to resist high temperature about 140℃. So, this feature is great for users who often need to curl or straighten their hair extensions. And, it’s thin and glossy.

Hair Extensions2The BR is usually related to the hair extensions or wigs for black women. It’s available in about 50 basic colors. If you purchase the BR for hair extensions, it will be easy to be styled.
Korea material is much similar to the kanekalon. It’s as expensive as the kanekalon. As for wigs, Korea material is more suitable for short hairstyle. By comparison, the kanekalon has more advantages over the Korea material in quality.

Virgin hair
To my mind, a majority of customers are more likely to choose the virgin hair. As you are acquainted with it, you will discover its benefits. What on earth is the virgin hair? Why is it very popular among customers? The virgin hair actually refers to the hair which is unprocessed. This means it’s not permed, colored or bleached, so that the optimal performance can be offered. The virgin hair is comfortable and not smelly and creates a natural look after being applied.

Hair Extensions3It generally comes from any person or any country such as India, Malaysia, Brazil, etc. The unprocessed virgin hair is able to help you create a natural and beautiful hair style without damaging your real hair. In the same time, it requires simpler care and offers longer lifetime than most types of artificial hair.

The hair extensions come in a number of materials. How long you can use and whether you can create a gorgeous look depends on the materials. With comprehensive knowledge, I believe that you know what material is best for you.




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