How to Use Virgin Hair to Create Hairstyles?

What is Virgin Hair?

Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair

To cut out all the confusions surrounding virgin hair, let us point out, one by one, all the things that must-have characteristics before something is considered a virgin hair.

As a basic concept, a virgin hair shouldn’t have undergone any form of treatment to be considered truly a virgin hair. In other words, the hair should have never been dyed, colored, or even bleached. Straightening, relaxing, and ironing must have never been done to the hair, too. Also, the hair should have never been blown dry, permed, and other salon treatments you can think of.

There are certain cases that when there has developed a new set of hair regrowth, and the older set that underwent treatment has fully grown out, the new one can be considered a virgin hair. However, most producers of virgin hair rarely resort to this case as it can decrease the quality of the hair being virgin.

Why Use Virgin Hair and Virgin Hair Bundles?

Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair

Many women from all around the world had been in this trend. The emergence of using virgin hair for fashion and beauty had clearly made a great impression in a lot of women who have strong passion for hair fashion and beauty. Many felt satisfaction using virgin hair.

In the market today, many sellers of fashion and beauty products, both physical and online, have been offering these products and the likes. In fact, there are many ones coming into the picture that promote and sell solely hair products of this nature.

One great store to go to online is BestHairBuy. It is a wholesale store selling different hair extension products to cater to people’s needs of such.

BestHairBuy offers different virgin hair products of different hair types, color, and texture. There are also those that belong to different collections. One of the best deals to avail among these is the virgin hair bundles.

Virgin hair bundle deals consist of different combinations and quantities of different kinds of virgin hair. This is just perfect for women, and for everyone, who do not want to settle for just a single kind of virgin hair.

How to Create Hairstyles Using Virgin Hair Bundles?

Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair


Now you know what a virgin hair is and what are offered out there in the market. Let’s now proceed to a more delicate question: how to use virgin hair to create hairstyles?

As many hair fashion-oriented people would be, no one could deny the fact that people just don’t buy virgin hair for simple use. Hair fashion peopledon’t simply settle with that. So there comes more of the styling.

One can opt for the common braid styles using a virgin hair. It’s also cool to create ponytails or buns through it. You can even just let it all loose, and it would not be any less cool. It’s pretty much like how you would do a real hair. But you have to be extra careful as you don’t want to damage it. Do not use chemicals to apply to your virgin hair. Much better option to go for are natural oils, or herbal ones. When using a hair sprayer, pick the organic one.

Several hairstyles can be made, but really, is it cool to know how to use virgin hair to create hairstyles? Of course, the obvious answer is yes.

Taking Care of Your Virgin Hair

Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair

So, now you know how to use virgin hair to create hairstyles? It doesn’t stop there. Take a look at some of these tips below on how to take care of your virgin hair for long-lasting use.

• Always brush your virgin hair, before going to bed, or before washing. Say no to tangles!

• Do not brush it wet.

• Use an Organic and sulfate free shampoo.

• Wash using warm water to avoid damaging the hair extensions.

• While wet, add 2-3 drops of natural oil such as Almond or Coconut for moisturizing. Remember, moisturizing it works just like how you have to moisturize your skin.


It is very clear how many and many people are enticed to use virgin hair for hair fashion. When deciding to get one or some, it is highly recommended that you refer to virgin hair bundles, especially if you are undecided on what to get from the wide variety of choices.

You can definitely use virgin hair in creating different hairstyles, just like how you would with a real hair. Just remember all of the tips given to avoid damaging your virgin hair.

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