Types of Different Hair Wigs

Types of Different Hair Wigs

The phenomena of hair wigs

Types of Different Hair Wigs


Nowadays human hair wigs are worn by many young people than before. Before the hair wigs were mostly meant for old people who need it as a protection or cover since they don’t have any more hair. Today the besthairbuy lace front wigs are being constructed in a modern way so that even young people could find the adequate wig for themselves. During the ages, it is turning from an accessory to something stylish. Now the African American women throughout history, the majority of them used one special style for their hair, the curly hair. This phenomenon is related to the history of slavery, that American people would bring to their homes as house slaves the black women with curly hair, rather than the black women with straight hair. So I think that the curly wig brings more pride and prestige to a black woman.

Different hairstyles of African American woman during history

black women hair history

The kinky hair for African American woman is synonymous to strange, and for me being strange is identified as being different to the society which means being more unique as an individual, if we take the positive sense of the word. But also the straight wig is very nice and modern. Many white women have had straight hair when working in public or private places. Straight hair represents also efficiency and hard work, it was mostly meant for serious people. The straight wig is very useful if you choose to use it in private companies or private places. You can feel comfortable while working as a secretary with a straight wig, and also African American women will feel the same way as any other female American secretary or worker.

The new products

synthetic wig

There are many wig products that women can use, for example, wavy Malaysian virgin hair, or Brazilian virgin hair etc. It is normal if we try a wig that it is mostly based on the style of another country. It would bring great pleasure to now that African American woman is not afraid to try new national wigs. Now we should understand that some wigs that are based on different nation, as Brazil, or Malaysia and are mostly constructed based on the example of Malaysian women or Brazilian women, but do not misunderstand trying a new wig doesn’t mean to hide your identity, instead to bring a new change to yourself and the society around you. In the times of slavery, the black woman hair would not have been considered as beautiful, shiny, or even normal hair.

The advantages of African American hair wigssynthetic wig


Today African American woman have something to be proud of with our new wig products. Different hair wigs use different services, but the main principle of a hair wig is to fulfill any requests you need with some advice that would bring you comfort if you follow it. Personally, I think that black woman would look very nice with straight hair. It is not just a matter of being like the white American girls, but it is more likely to bring a new generation of woman who would bring purity, cool display, and very good appeal at the same time.

The importance of a hair wig

synthetic wig

It would bring purity because having the hair straight means fewer bacteria, more shining and good health for the hair. It would bring a cool display because if the majority of African American woman would try this straight wig, it would mean that most of the society will be used to the idea of seeing this woman every day in this appearance. And it would bring a very good appeal to the person who is watching you, or stay next to you because he or she will get used to this new modern hair wig. So hair wigs are as much important as a normal clothing, a normal outfit, even as the representation of a nation.

New Arrival Full Lace Wigs

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