Types of Black Weave Hairstyles


When women look at celebrities and their hair wigs, they almost see perfection. One thing to notice is the variety of hairstyles they all wear that make them all stand out. It really is a great thing that there are many types of weaves for black women that give them the opportunity to have a lot of different looks. A woman can create magic with her hair just by the style she chooses. Getting a weave is always a perfect option or solution if you are looking for body and length when it comes to your hair. BestHairBuy can provide great weaves with which you can achieve many different styles.

Important things to consider before choosing a weave hairstyle:

1. The shape of your face.

If your face is very round, choose a hairstyle that slims your face. An oval face can pretty much rock any weave hairstyle out there. Square faces with strong jawlines should go for more feminine weave hairstyles. If you have an oblong face with a narrow chin then you could go for one that shapes the cheeks. Remember, a good hair weave should bring attention to your best features.

2. Consider the type of hair you have

Type of hair can be determined according to its texture, elasticity, porosity, and density. Different hair textures can be styled differently when the styling involves a weave.

3. Your age

Let’s face it, we all want to look young but there are some weave hairstyles that are not for women past a given age as they will make you appear inappropriate and send out the wrong picture. At the same time, one should be careful not to choose a weave hairstyle that could have them looking 10 years older.

4. Your personality

The kind of person you are should also be reflected by your hair. When you consider your personality you will be able to choose a hairstyle that you are very comfortable with.

5. Your lifestyle

Consider the type of clothes and accessories you wear on a regular basis. Also look at how much time you have daily to fix your weave before you step out every morning. How well do you style your own weave? Can you really do it by yourself? Is your day job limiting of some weave styles?

6. Trends

You want to have a weave hairstyle that is at per with the current fashion. No one wants a look that is outdated. It’s great to just take some time to check out magazines, shows on fashion, red carpet events and blogs. Check out what influencers are rocking then choose the hairstyle carefully. That way you don’t end up looking silly while walking on the street.

Different weave hairstyles:

Short weave hairstyles

Short weave hairstyles

• Remember, short weave hairstyles are usually young and fun.
• They are easier to detangle
• Shorter weave hairstyles give little room for manipulation.

Long weave hairstyles

Long weave hairstyles

• They have fewer chances of unraveling.
• They offer more styling options.
• They can get tangled up easily compared to short weave hairstyles.

Curly weave hairstyles

Curly weave hairstyles

• With this, you do not need to use machines like blow dryers, curling irons or even rollers so they are big time savers.
• It always looks like you put in quite the effort to style.
• It gives an illusion of volume.
• They are however susceptible to tangling.
• Wavy weave hairstyles.
• They give that much-desired beach look effortlessly.
• Wavy hair always looks youthful.
• The problem is it can get frizzy


You can definitely trust BestHairBuy to get different types of black weave hairstyles and they assure the best size, quality and prices of the weaves.

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