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Gorgeous Black Hairstyle Trends You Want 2018

Gorgeous Black Hairstyle Trends You Want 2018 The African American hair is a spectacle of glory, both in men and women, African American hair is such that can be styled in many ways and fashion, straight, curly, up, soft, braided, twisted out, with and without styling gels etc. Name whatever hairstyle you could think of, and ...

How To Prep For Braided Natural Hairstyles

How To Prepare For Braided Natural Hairstyles Braids are a popular style of hair identified with the African continent and culture where it originated, especially because it is much more suited to the hair texture of African Hair. Braids can be made to extend and fall off the scalp or can be made in the form of ...

[Fashion Wigs] Over 30°C, Meatball Head Saves the World

However fashionable a haircut may be, it drives one crazy when temperature comes over 30°C. That is when the coolest haircut of the universe—meatball head-- comes saving the world! After so many years` popularity, did you grow tired of meatball head? Good news is that, superstars and creative people are innovative enough to double its ... Protection Status