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[Fashion Wigs] Over 30°C, Meatball Head Saves the World

However fashionable a haircut may be, it drives one crazy when temperature comes over 30°C. That is when the coolest haircut of the universe—meatball head-- comes saving the world! After so many years` popularity, did you grow tired of meatball head? Good news is that, superstars and creative people are innovative enough to double its ...

Faux Fishtail Braid

Hey, guys! This braided hairstyle is perfect for a day when you want your hair to look casual and cute. This super cute bohemian looking hairstyle is so easy to create! Today, Besthairbuy is going to introduce an attractive sexy hairstyle called faux fishtail braid.Because of it looks kind of like a fishtail braid. Wear it with a nice long summer dress and some sandals for a relaxed bohemian look, or pull on an oversize knitted sweater over the dress and pair with some low boots for a casual, cool look this season.You can choose to pull on the twist to get a fuller look or keep them more separate for a more detailed look.The fuller look looks more like a fishtail braid that is so beautiful.   Follow these easy steps to create the fishtail braid hairstyle:     1. Take a piece of hair from the front and twist it towards the back.       2. Do the same on the other side and secure the hair together in the back with a small, clear elastic.       3. Flip the hair inwards around itself one time.       4. Take a piece of hair from each side just ... Protection Status