After receiving these gorgeous extensions,(Besthairbuy-100% Human Hair) I was not sure what to do with them.. I attached them to a wig, then stuck them i the cupboard. Y'see, stunning as they are, grey toned blus look awful with my skintone , and these extensions were very grey-blue. Time to whip our the dye!

11.Gather your extensions, a bin bag, your bleach(if needed),dye, dying gloves, tint brush and comb.

2.12.Cut open your bin bag and lay it flat over a table/floor. Bleach your extensions according to the instructions. Remember that extensions are treated differently to actual hair.so then may develop at different speed or give an odd colour result-stand tests are a good idea!

3.13.Apply your dye with the tint brush to BOTH SIDES of the extensions, comb through, tub in- whatever you need to do to ensure an even coverage. I used Directions'Turquoise' mixed with a little Deections'Midnight Blue'


4.Run some warm water into your sink and gently work shampoo into the extensions.Rinse, run clean water, repeat. Repeat until the water runs clear or(like me)you get bored.

5.11It is best to hold the extensions by the track so that you don't end up with nasty,ragged hair ball.

5.15.Hand your extensions up to dry(I use trrouser hangers with the clips), straighten/style  if you need to.

6.16. Marvel at your handy- work.

7.17.Pop'em in,style ,take photos, attempt not to look like sb pooped in your coffee(I failed at this) and blog!

This will ONLY work with human hair extensions. To test hether yours are human hair or synthetic, hold a few steands over a flame-if they melt, they're synthetic.

Do you wear extentions? Do you dye them?


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