From runways to street styles, braided updos have been spotted everywhere. Senses of nature, innocence, and romance are embodied in a braided hairstyle. Spring 2014 updos are a cross between the classic romantic look and the modern-day rebel aesthetic. Try channeling Frida Khalo’s milkmaid look or your favorite celebrity’s red carpet messy updo. Braid trends are here to stay! 1

1. Wash your hair and apply a heat protectant spray from root to tip before blow-drying. Once your hair is dry, use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to curl your hair. This’ll create waves and texture that will make the updo look more voluminous! After curling your hair, run your fingers through your waves to break them up(.—–Making the wave curly hair by Lena iron is good for your hair )

2. To start a fishtail braid, first separate your hair into two equal sections, then divide both sections in half. Next, use your index fingers to grab the small section that’s all the way on the right side, and cross it over to join it with the left section.

With a fishtail braid, it’s important to always grab the section that’s on the farthest side, and pull that section all the way over to get the scaly look. Then, grab the farthest left chunk of hair and pull it all the way over to the right. Go back to the right side and pull the farthest section over to the left and continue alternating left and right sections until you reach the end of your hair.

3. Gather the braid to one side of your head, and secure it with a rubber band.

4. Next, gently spread the braid apart to make it wider. Pull both sides of the braid out on both sides.

5. Finally, roll the braid onto itself and pin it at its base to create a chignon. Secure the roll with extra pins, and finish by spraying with BlowPro Blow Out Spray for texture and strong hold.

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Supplies: small elastic hair bands, hair pins.

1// Begin with your hair down and parted down the middle into two sections.

2// Braid each side into french braid pigtails. I braided mine into a reverse braid so that it would pop out more. To do this, when braiding simply move each strand under instead of over. To create a crown look, braid it on the side of your head instead of directly back.

3// Repeat this step on the other side.

4// Once you’re finished, move the braids behind you. You might double check in a mirror to make sure they are even.

5// Next, take the braids and cross them over to the other side.

6// Repeat step five by bringing the braid back over, twisting them together in the middle, creating a twisted bun.

7// Lastly, pin the ends of the braids towards the top of your crown, tucking the ends underneath the start of the braid.

8// Continue pinning the bun and braids in place until it feels secure on your head.

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