Top Four Bob Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman

Bob is suitable for a large group of women especially for over 50 year old woman. Bob is typically characterized by simplicity, fashion as well as uniqueness. Older women with a bob haircut look vogue and attractive. Importantly, bob creates a youthful look.

Here are four kinds of bob hairstyles for 50 year old woman. It’s great to take them as a reference.

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Bob Hairstyles for 50 Year Old Woman

Layered bob

It’s one of the most commonly and trendy bob hairstyles for 50 year old woman. As a rule, most of older women have thinner hair. Fortunately, this type of bob with a lot of layers leads to bulk result. Meanwhile, there is a variety of versions of layered bob hairstyles to choose from.

Graduated bob

This type of bob is characteristic of shorter back but longer hair in the front. You also can name it angled bob or stacked bob. There are pros and cons to graduated bob wearers. For over 50 year old women, graduated bob is a wonderful haircut for them. It’s short, fashionable and sophisticated due to its ideal length and unique design (the front hair around the face is typically longer than the back hair length).

Although graduated bob haircut, another version of the short bob is ideal for older woman, this bob haircut requires more care in daily life. For the sake of keeping a perfect shape, it’s essential to get a regular trimmed. It would be more complicated for wavy hair. A flat iron tool is required to get a straight effect.
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Asymmetrical bob

This type of bob haircut is also great for older women who want to be youthful. Asymmetrical bob creates a stylish look, due to its special cut. One side of the hair is much longer than the other side to be inconsonant. Elderly women with this bob will be attractive and fashionable.

Shaggy bob

If you are interested in shaggy bob, hair should be cut to reach jaw-line or shoulder showing a little longer hair length than other bobs. Another stunning characteristic of the shaggy bob is the layers, which are usually cut around the crown of the hair.

elderly hairstyleUnlike graduated bob, shaggy bob looks better with thick or wavy hair. There is no need of applying any tool to iron for a straight hair. Wavy hair with a shaggy bob is a perfect combination. Furthermore, shaggy bob usually goes along with various fringe types including long, short, side-swept or blunt bangs.

Depending on an appropriate bob and makeup, there is no doubt that you will be much younger than your real age. Without any luxurious decorations or designs, bob would be the best option for older women.


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