Top 5 hair Extensions You Must Have

Top 5 Must-Have Hair Extensions


For African American women, growing long hair can sometimes feel like a long daunting task. The reason, the natural hair of the African American is quite brittle and susceptible to easy breakage when not carefully taken care of and can often yield disappointment if a full head of hair or long hair is what one is in search of. Note however that growing long hair or fuller hair is however not only a struggle for African American women. Often times, the desire to have nice looking long hair will lead one to purchase a hair extension piece that best suits their desire and satisfies their quest for easier manageability which is exactly what extensions with looser textures give.

Again, the above might not necessarily be the reason for one’s intent to opt for extensions. Could be that they just have such beautiful hair and they probably just want to use extensions to give their hair a break. Call it protective styling. A process that allows you to give your hair a break from a good number of styling elements and also from heat which if constantly used could lead to some ruin to an extent.

Extensions also help older women whose hair is just beginning to thin maintain that youthful bounce by giving their hair some volume. They also help one experiment with different colors without necessarily coloring their own hair and make it easier to change up one’s look. Have the best of different worlds. I mean, you can easily move from looking like Jenny from the block to looking like a celebrity, but there’s a catch.

It is important to choose extensions carefully lest you end up regretting spending a good amount of money on the wrong piece. Here are important tips and factors to consider when looking for hair extensions:

• Is it human hair or synthetic? Human hair is generally more long lasting and has a better texture.
• Consider different hairstyles you are going to wear.
• Length. The extensions should be of the same length.
• Thickness. It should have the same thickness from top to bottom.
• Color. Remember, the wrong color of hair extensions will make it too obvious that you are wearing one which is not what we want, is it?
• Whether it sheds and to what extent it does.

Unlike in the past, one can easily shop for the best hair extensions by just going online. You can get great quality extensions while saving your time and lots of energy. You just have to use your eyes.BestHairBuy is one such site giving the best quality, best price and best service. At Besthairbuy you can shop so easily by collection, type, quantity, texture or color.

It has a variety of extensions perfect for women of different personalities. Here are top five hair extensions you must have and can get at BestHairBuy:

360 lace frontal. They come wavy, curly or straight depending on the look you are going for.

Pre Plucked 360 Lace Frontal01
• Virgin hair bundles. The bundles come in both Brazilian and Malaysian style. Virgin hair is free-flowing, untreated and unprocessed hence the name “virgin.”It gives you better styling options and overall great quality.

malaysian curly hair02
• Hair extensions that come in three types. They are the Nail/ U Tip Hair, Remy Micro Hair, and the Remy Tape Hair. These come in different colors and certainly make work easier as they are reusable, easy to maintain, they are cost-effective and also light in weight.

clip in body wave
• Wigs. These are usually great as they do not need you to manipulate your hair.BestHairBuy has them in different types of celebrity wigs, to human hair wigs to African American wigs. You name it. Wigs are great also for concealing hair issues and they save you money as well.

African American wig01
• Clip in hair extensions. These are great as they do not cause any thinning or breakage to your hair.

clip in hair extensions

Generally, hair extensions are a great way to keep your hair looking nice and great and now, you know where to get some high-quality ones. Be sure to check their site for more of those top five hair extensions you must have.

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