To Plait A Simple But Sweet Ponytail

Shoulder-length straight hair can indeed better display the soft beauty and female fascination of a girl, which is also the reason why many young girls tend to choose to wear shoulder-length hair. But what if you are going on a tour or you will spend most of your time in school? Then you might as well choose to wear a ponytail instead of other kinds of fashion hair styles.

Although its fashion style is not as romantic as other kinds of hair styles, a ponytail is more convenient to take care of and can also nicely demonstrate the sweetness of a girl. For this reason, ponytail has also become the favorite choice of many celebrity hairstyles. If you want to braid a simple but sweet ponytail, you can perform the following steps.Plait a simple but sweet ponytail step1Step 1
Separate your bangs from the rest part of your hair, so that it is more convenient for you to tie up your hair. When doing that, you must pay close attention to take care of your bangs and don’t get them disarrayed.Plait a simple but sweet ponytail step2Step 2
Use a rubber band to braid your long hair at back of the head into a ponytail. The key point in this step is that you need to avoid keeping the ponytail too low. And the higher the ponytail is, the more energetic and more refreshing you will look. Choose the rubber band with a suitable color according to the color of your hair. Don’t make the rubber band too garish, it should go well with the whole hair style.Plait a simple but sweet ponytail step3Step 3
The best of the whole hair design lies in this step. In this step, you need to use some hair decorations to tie up the whole ponytail. In that way, you can make the total effect of the whole hair style more appealing. Carefully adapt the degree of tightness to a suitable point when tying up your ponytail.Plait a simple but sweet ponytail step4Step 4
Fasten the central part of the ponytail with a hairpin. In that way, you can prevent the whole style design from being too monotonous and vapid. Choose the suitable hairpin according to the whole hair design.Plait a simple but sweet ponytail step5Step 5
Don’t keep the hair on top of the head too oblate otherwise you will look very outdated. Instead of that, you should use one of your hands to slightly snatch up the hair on top of the head so that you can create a fluffy feeling. What calls for special attention is that during the whole process, the other of your hands should press on the ponytail to prevent it from getting distorted. Adapt the position of the ponytail in front of the mirror, then you can have a pretty and sweet ponytail.




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