Tips on Maintaining & Washing Braided Hair Extensions

Tips on Maintaining & Washing Braided Hair Extensions

Maintaining Braided Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are processed synthetic or human hair added to natural hair to make it fuller, longer and thicker. These extensions can be kept for weeks and months, with regular maintenance practices divided into two major categories –
maintenance and washing.


1. Silk or Satin Nights

Wear a hair net of silk or satin textures to bed every night, this helps lock in some moisture and protect your hair from your pillow case and dry air. You can as well just change your pillowcases to silk or satin cases, or better yet, do both, so that if your net comes off at night, your hair is still safe, soft and moisturized.

2. Water Your Hair

Your hair is also one of those things that need water to survive and grow. A few seconds or a minute of simply spraying water on your hair helps maintain and keep your hair budding. It doesn’t take much water, just little spritz, I keep a spray bottle with some water in it, and all I have to do daily is pfft pfft…

3. Seal the Moisture In

To make sure that your hair doesn’t dry out the minute you walk out the door, seal in your hairs moisture with the use of natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil etc. Gently massage these oils into your hair roots and scalp

N/B: it is important to avoid unnatural products and oils as they build upon the scalp, blocking the pore and not giving them enough air.

4. Biweekly Renewal (Wash)

Wash your hair every two weeks, yeah, it sounds like a heck of a job, but it’s not as bothersome as you feel and is very necessary in order to clean up the collected dirt from product use and maintenance as well as plain old sweat, dirt, and odor, this renews your hair and keeps it healthy.

5. Keep an Eye on your Styling and Up-dos

Don’t style too much or too tightly, also, reduce your frequency with up-dos, up-dos pull on the hair and its edges, too much of them and frequent styling causes pain and breakage.

6. Don’t Forsake Your Edges

Your edges are a delicate part of your hair and break off very easily or break off due to strain and elongated hairdos, so don’t forget then, redo your edges after a month, this renews them, and gives you a fresh look.

7. Don’t Let the Braids grow Beards

Braids are not meant to be used forever, this may cause serious damage to your hair. Research and recommendation have the maximum time for braids at a maximum of 2 months. Take them out after 2 months.



(Image source from wikiHow )

This requirement may seem tedious but really isn’t, you can go to your salon and get your hair washed with your extensions intact, or you can do it at home.

You don’t have to wash the whole head, especially if your extensions are long, (it’s okay if you’re carrying short extensions that dry fast without smelling), you can instead dry wash it with a cloth: simply dampen a cloth in water and shampoo, use it to clean the scalp on parted sections, do the same with clean water and leave hair to dry or follow your routine.


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