Tips for shaping your curly hair

Is it annoying to handle the curls? Are you complaining about that the hair style is not you want, the curls are not perfect, the jels and sprays make you dull?

shape your curly hair

  • I collect some useful tips from my clever friends, and now I want to provide it to you! They all agree that you shouldn’t comb your hair when your hair is dry or you will seem like a pug-dog, so make sure combing your hair when it’s half-dry and half-wet.

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  • If your hair is deep curly, air-dry is much better than hair dryer. If you really don’t have much time, you have to use the hair dryer, then please turn it to the lower level, and make sure the hot wind is not so concentrated.

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  • Using the hair spray when the hair is half-dry and half-wet, do not use the spray products with silicone, because would make your hair like a stone.

shape your curly hair-4

  • If your hair gets tangled, you can use the salty water sprays. Just put some pure water with salt into a bottle.

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  • We advice dry your hair with used T-shirt not the towel, slowly press your hair can make your curls perfect.
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