Three wrong rumors hurt your hair

Some stylists would recommend you dye and perm your hair together, but a good stylist would never advice you like that. If you have premed your hair, please don’t dye your hair within one month or your hair would burden heavy pressure, and the Perm lotion would half decrease the effect of dye.

hair stylist

Spray perfume on your hair and let your hair smell good?

Many people want to have the hair in the ads, smelling good and shinning. BUT it’s a big wrong if you spray perfume on your hair, because the perfume contains alcohol and the alcohol would bring away the water in your hair, then you would be dryer than the dry herb.

perfume and hair

Comb heavily your scalf so that you can shake off the scurf? NO, if you comb your scalf heavily, your scalf would get hurt and produce more scurf .The nutrition in your scalf also would loss.

comb hair

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