This Haircut Helps You Rejuvenate

Eyebrow Bangs, originated in Japan, took the world by storm not long after.Not as famous as Air Bangs though, it is still a good choice to show one`s individuality!
The originator of Eyebrow Bangs—-Audrey Hepburn
The originator of Eyebrow Bangs, Audrey Hepburn brought this haircut in the last century and stealed the spotlight. Hepburn with this hairstyle creates the sense of cutness.
Hepburn became my dreamlover as early as I was a kid. I firstly knew her in Rome Holiday.
Her well-structured face was so difficult to forget. I suppose we can never find a counterpart in human history.
Clip in hair 1

Hepburn wore different types of Eyebrow Bangs, Eyebrow Air Bangs is one, but different from the Air Bangs at eyebrow height.↓↓↓
Clip in hair 2

I cannot tell why is putting the long hair into two tails so attractive, probably her face gets all the credit.I dare to challenge Eyebrow Bangs, but with twin tails? All I can say is: Please don`t~~~
Hepburn was mosntly seen in this haircut: curled bangs.
Clip in hair 3Clip in hair 4

Curled bangs make one look more active.

In fact, Hepburn`s face was square with jaw coming out a little bit. (See? Oval face is not the only standard for being beautiful)
Eyebow Bangs makes Hepburn more amiable, on which I recall an expression: young and ignorant.
Clip in hair 5Clip in hair 6

Are you up to the challenge?
SherryEyebrow Bangs + Meatball Head
Plagued by scandals and private pictures, people no longer relate Sherry with words like purity and innocence. Despite those scandals, let`s put our focus on her outlook, I have to say she is an attractive woman.
Clip in hair 7

Date: 22rd. Location: Korean airport. With Eyebrow Bangs and Korean style Meatball Head, Sherry showed up to the public.
Clip in hair 8

Straight eyebrows and short bangs added her cuteness.
Clip in hair 9

Mini-skirt, innocent face and slender body stole all the spotlight. The pink lips and cheeks decorated her face so well that brought so much envy!!
Clip in hair 10

Eyebrow Bangs fit long faces.
Count my word, I am not lying.
Jolin Tsai, rejuvenation
What does Jolin Tsai looks like in your mind?In about 80s, she was no longer young.
Clip in hair 11Clip in hair 12

Yet in a recent picture she showed to the public, she seemed rejuvenated!↓↓↓

Clip in hair 13

That`s right, Eyebrow Bangs plus Meatball head!Netizen 。 。 ↓↓↓

Clip in hair 14

Big eyes, red lips, along with Eyebrow Bangs, Jolin`s cutenss was put into full exposure. Different from straight eyebrows of Sherry, brown eyebrows is of British style which makes one “in” enough.
Under light, Jolin`s hair turned gold. Short bangs and red lips are very cool.
Clip in hair 15

At airport, Jolin still had Eyebrow Bangs; decorated with flax-blue curls and long dress, she appeared like a teenager↓↓↓
Clip in hair 16

By the way, nice dress for this nice season.
Eyebrow Bangs plus Long Hair
At the rise of Eyebrow Bangs, street snaps became like this in Europe and America↓↓↓
Clip in hair 17Clip in hair 18Clip in hair 19Clip in hair 20Clip in hair 21

If you are not crazy for neat bangs, a little bit clipping work will do.↓↓↓
Clip in hair 22

In fact, Asian girls are always my favorite. Their Eyebrow Bangs are naturally attractive↓↓↓
Clip in hair 23Clip in hair 24Clip in hair 25Clip in hair 26

Short Hair + Eyebrow Bangs
Short hair and Eyebrow Bangs are a good match↓↓↓
Clip in hair 27Clip in hair 28Clip in hair 29

Still remember Miss Grace? Her Eyebrow Bangs make a road through the beauties, and countless aged women followed her and praised her cuteness in her father`s blog↓↓↓
Clip in hair 30Clip in hair 31Clip in hair 32Clip in hair 33Clip in hair 34

If you were 18, go get yourself Eyebrow Bangs and become 14.

Happy children`s day! Remember to ask for candies.


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