The Way To Apply Fake Hair

The Hair Wigs
1.Collect your hair and tie them on the top of your head
Make your whole hair into a ponytail on the top of your head and tie them with the hair band.You could also make your hair into bunches and secure them with hair ties. Make sure that your hair is smooth enough and with no tangles.

2.Turn your head a little downwards and wrap with the wigs                                                                      Just turn your head a little downwards and then wrap your head with the hair wig, make sure the wig is on the back of your head.Usually the seller will give you some clips as the gift with the hair wig, you could use them to secure that the wig has been fixed well and no shedding problems existed.
3.The wig gives you the satisfaction of fullness and thickness                                                                      After all the steps finished,you should put your head upwards, then you would be satisfied with your new full and thick wig

Weaving The Hair Extensions

4.Use hair clips
Begin with making a cornrow or tracking around your head, trying to keep it close to your scalp. Select a portion of your bottom or centre part hair into a hair row ,tie up the rest hair and use the clips to keep them away from the hair row and then begin to produce the cornrow.
5.Ask your friend for help if you can do it by yourself
Using a thread and needle to sew your hair extensions in the track of the cornrow. The quantity is depending on how many you would like to sew. Please ask a friend who is skilled in making hair extensions for help or go to the hair salon if the sewing process seems hard and dangerous for you to do it by yourself.
6.Comb your hair with your fingers
After the installment,your own hair would blend in well with the hair extensions, so it is time to remove the clips from your hair and make them smooth.For the combing tool,we recommend you own fingers to do it,because your fingers would not show the high tensions both to your scalp or wht hair extensions,and the shedding or tangles problems would not happen.
weaving in hair extensions

Bonding The Hair Extensions

7.Some extensions call for warm adhesive
Firstly,please brush some adhesives on the hair weft you have brought.Select a hair row of your bottom part hair and tie up the rest part of your hair.
8.Before one row hair has finished,dry your hair before doing the next one
The installment should begin with the bottom part of your hair,and remember to stick the hair extensions on your hair root,and after doing these,use the hair dryer to make sure the adhesive would be stable.
9.You could use your fingers or plastic gentle brush to comb your hair
Remove the clips off your head, and use your fingers or plastic gentle brush to comb your hair.

bonding hair extensions



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