[Curly Virgin Hair] The Processing Skills of Natural Curly Hair

What troubles the people in natural curly virgin hair isn’t your imagined straight hair perming, the customized adjust can be easy to manage.
Some people think that the curly hair is very fluffy ~ some people think it very hairy, some think it messy
The type of natural curly virgin hair is actually in a large variety,
Some people’s more curly in wet hair condition, some people’s more curly in dry hair condition,
The so many natural curly hair, how is the most correct choice to deal with it on earth?
This time we set the artist Leilei as an example case to share with you:
To deal with the natural curly hair you need to know the type of the natural curly firstly can reach the most effective result,
The idea of creating a hair salon has always been to solve the problem before talking about the troubles, so that it will be equal to be easy to manage.
Natural Curly Hair 1Natural Curly Hair 2

You can see the state before finishing from the picture ~ the irritable feeling is quite obvious.
And the natural curly virgin hair presents expansion, disheveled state from the top of the head to tail hair, roughly judge it as the moderate natural curly.
Then make a more accurate diagnosis in details.
From bangs roots, and inner brain scoops of hairy roots at approximately 8 centimeters, there is obviously natural curly appearance, the essence of hair offset coarse.
So such appearance of the natural curly hair is not only obvious in the degree of curly, but also has the over conditions in the degree of fluffy
I believe that many women in wavy curly hair have the problems of too much fluffy~
Especially when you have encountered the situation of bad quality or blowing straight hair wet or sweat, bangs curl reappears.
It is wrong in the lines of the whole bangs, so it will be the point to return to the question of how to perm can be easy to manage.
Natural Curly Hair 3Natural Curly Hair 4

It is a major key to pruning before Perm!!
Many women in natural curly are afraid of being thin, afraid of the thinning hair will become messy, disorderly frizzier, fluffy ~
But it will be too thick without thinning, such kind of contradictory sound like this may be often appear in the natural curly women,
Of course, not all of the natural curly will be disorder after thinning, and this will be explain to you in details in the later article.
But the words come back, whether the thinning can help improve the natural curly on earth,
The answer is: if can do thinning treatment according to the nature of the natural curly hair and the flow of the hair, in fact it can improve the thickness brought by the natural curly,
I t can also destroy some of the natural curly hair’s intensity, so that the natural curly does not seem so strong.
The point!! Make a thinning of the hair according to the growth mode of the natural curly and the flow of the hair.
As we can see from the figure that the technique of smoothing the volume of nature hair through the beat.
Natural Curly Hair 5Natural Curly Hair 6

Then is the formal straight hair perm processing, some person call it hair reduction correction hot, in fact the two has a same meaning, the natural curly will cause the production of fluffy degrees and the wave curve,
As a matter of fact, according to the needs of women, we only need to adjust the troubled parts,
Like this time Leilei does not want the straight hair styling, the degree of hair tail curls can actually retain some natural volume and the leaving jumbo in perm before,
Then trim off some injury of tail, the rest of the natural volume parts ~do not perm straight all your human hair like the formula, Leilei’ head is relatively flat,
Therefore, moderately keep some areas not permed, can make use of the natural volume of canopy to maintain the three-dimensional sense at the top.
Therefore, the smear of liquid medicine only needs to be in the face of the problem caused by the side of the back area, the face of the surrounding, the surface of the hair processing,
Then select the weakly alkaline acid perm ingredient (the most widely used perm ingredients agent all over the world),
Let the mild damaged hair in the most appropriate potion environment to do the softening treatment (any perm must first potion to ingredients softening, straight / curly are all same principle)
Natural Curly Hair 8Natural Curly Hair 7
Finally is the part of hair-dying, of course this article mainly talks about the perm, so I introduce it briefly.
The same as facing to this thing, the most important thing is to understand the customer, so the diagnostic tool has emerged again, from the skin color to the pupil,
Leilei’s skin is white, pupil is partial to light brown, so in the color design can bold use bright colors, and partial flax yellow is OK, too
Only part of the Vincent joined the streaks in the periphery of the face, convergence with deep brown color to modify the cheeks on both sides of the sense of balance.
Natural Curly Hair 9Natural Curly Hair 10

Also because of the usage of the color system is in the contrast of color depth to make changes, it is not a strong bright color, so easily create the styling like the Japanese style of the magazine
Especially the curly degree of the hair tail, only under the proper pruning and hair care treatment, can change into different style~ which is both elegant and sweet~ very suitable for oval face Leilei.
So after reading this article I would also like to share with the women who has a natural curly virgin hair,
In fact, the processing of natural curly virgin hair is based on the customers’ demand to deal with, which will be the most consistent way to the hair styling!

Natural Curly Hair 11

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