The Popular Young Mens Hairstyles in 2013

Men’s hairstyles have been constantly updated every year and the fashion of the men’s hairstyles has continuously kept up with the modern trend. Are you always ready to follow the latest popular hairstyle? The men’s short hairstyles we introduce today all enjoy great popularity in the world.

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The Short Hairstyle with Most Hair Slicked Backward

This kind of hairstyle is special for its hair in the shape of comb with most hair slicked back, which makes it look fluffy and natural. Besides, the glabrous forehead leaves people a fresh and cool impression in summer. Even a side face is so handsome that without any doubt this kind of men’s hairstyle becomes vogue in 2013.

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The Short Marcelled Hairstyle

After being marcelled and dyed, this kind of men’s short hairstyle shows a sort of fashion, making people feel sedate and mature. It is suitable for white-collar style, which is also very popular in 2013. Put on a shirt, pose gentleman poise, and then show your handsome face, you will definitely enchant a bunch of girls.

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The Permed Short Hairstyle with a Sense of Texture

This type of men’s hairstyle is extremely hot and fashionable at the first sight, especially for its hair in the top of the head permed with a sense of texture. It looks fluffy, and it would be very vague if it were dyed in an eye-catch color. Put on a pair of glasses, it will make you very cool as well as somewhat gentle and quiet. Choose it, if you want to be attractive and charming in 2013.

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