Popular Celebrity Hairstyles in American Five Cities

Different countries have different cultures.Hairstyle culture has a lot of difference between the east and the west, just as the European and American romantic personality. Lady’s hairstyle is very different! Today,I will introduce European and American celebrity hairstyle to you. Let’s look at their chic design!

Nick Ritchie's Bob

New York: Nick Ritchie’s Bob

New York was proud of its fashion sense, and that the right hairstyle fashion. Those who want to cut smart short hair, but don’t want to cater to tide’s clients often take Ritchie’s photos as reference, New York hair stylist Oscar Blandi said, he had built this hairstyle for Richie in 2006. Shorter levels near the eyes, and longer hierarchy is till under the chin. Stylist emphasized the radian of Bob, but line must be downy, so as not to elongate your face.

Michelle Williams’s pixie haircuts

Los Angeles: Michelle Williams pixie haircuts

California girl’s hairstyles have become naughty. The popularity of this hairstyle is for Williams making this hairstyle looks very easy. Michelle Williams is always in fashion, and she is suitable for this hairstyle, which inspiring everyone to follow. The hairstylist should be sideburns and edges softening, neck line’s hair should be cut, so that you can put your neck line stretched. Stylist should put your front hair keep about 56 cm length, so you can get hair chaos to build a punk rock rocks.

Adriana Lima’s sexy big waves

Chicago: Adriana Lima’s sexy big waves

“I always ask the customer, do you want to look lovely, or want to look sexy?” There are nine times, ten times the guests all said want to look sexy, “the stylist Marco Cardenas said. That is why Adriana Lima’s rich and elegant big waves are yearning. Medium hair and long hair are all suiting this hairstyles.

asymmetry of rihanna's flat head hair

Washington: asymmetry of rihanna’s flat head hair

Washington has been in a leading position in terms of asymmetric and neutral fashion, for example Rihanna. According to Washington’s stylist Kelly Gorsuch said: “healthy self-confidence is the key point to hold this hairstyle.” This hairstyle biggest characteristics are the short hair covered in long hair. Let your long hair was caught open on your head, and then the hair is cut short on the other side, until the two parts is contrast. This hair can comb, comb up or back toward the side.

Zooey Deschanel’s long bangs

Seattle: Zooey Deschanel’s long bangs

Seattle people usually avoid hairstyles needing much time to handle, according to Jenny Slay in Seattle.The weather here is always rainy, and humidity in air is heavy, people don’t like to spend a lot of time to handle their hair,.”she said,” this hairstyle,except for its cute looks and it seems that only natural air can dry it.” we can put the fringe width adjust a little.

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