The Elegant And Charming Mori Girl Hairstyles

Mori girl belongs to the exclusive hair style for Japanese in old days. However, our nation is sharing with its fruit now. Though they are all mori girls, something different between them still be distinct. Compared to Japanese mori girl, ours tends to be more retro and filled with classical sense. It builds a unique feeling of princess in a glorious palace. A mori girl seems to be a fresh beauty stepping from a beautiful painting. Therefore, I would like to share several mori girl hair styles. If you want to make up yourself a mori girl, you should begin with your hair style.


Most people will lose their hearts to this picture, especially girls. The girl in the picture with a beautiful hair style looks like a spirit. In order to make this hair, you need to braid the hair at your forehead and top of head into some tiny plaits, and then twist these plaits in a random, which can cut some height for thick hair girls. So, you can be an active girl. The maroon dyeing shows a more elegant and noble girl in front of people.


This hair style makes people think of girls in middle century. With a big and thick braid hanging down on the shoulder agley, you will be changed into a elegant and retro girl immediately. If you want to be more outstanding, you can make your hair at your forehead into a single plait from west to east. And then, you need to wind this plait around your forehead into a curve, which is not only refreshing, but also can cover the high forehead line of some people.


As the most popular plaits in this summer, romantic France plaits can also help you be a mori girl successfully. With the bang in a line, this hair style shows a sense of fresh and sweet. Adding a blue accessory to this hair style, you will be an otherworldly girl.


If you are bored with some complex mori girl hair styles, you can try this. A simple step that ties hair around the cheek to the back part can fashion you into a beautiful girl. A head of maroon hair and a pure white lace dress makes you look like a saint and elegant Greek Goddess.

Excepting brushing a beautiful makeup, an elegant hair style can change you into a mori girl. There is no need to make some complicated hair style. Only a simple braid can fashion you into a princess.

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