The Diversity between the Human Hair and the Synthetic Hair

Wearing wigs is very popular in our daily life. There many kinds of wigs. Wigs can be divided into two groups from the material form. Some is human hair, and the other is synthetic hair. Human hair is made up of human’s real hair. And synthetic hair is made of manmade synthetic fiber. There are many differences between human hair and synthetic fiber.

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First, human hair is made up of human’s real hair, it looks more naturally. Synthetic hair is made up of manmade synthetic fiber, so it looks less naturally. Its’ color and luster is worse than human hair. Its decorated effect is not as good as human hair. In this point, the human hair wigs can give you more self-confident to your appearance, and wearing human hair wigs can give you a better spiritual outlook to face you daily life.

Second, their service life is not the same. Human hair’s service life is longer than synthetic hair. Human hair’s service is about 5 years. And if you have a good care, such as you have two wigs, and take turns to wear, the service life may be longer. Synthetic hair’s service life is only one year. And it needs good maintenance, if not, its’ service life cannot achieve one year. In this point, synthetic hair is not a durable and practical product. It will cost much money if you change the wigs too frequently. And you need to worry about how to maintain it. It is not suitable for the busy person.

And third, human hair can set any hairstyle. You can have hair colored, hair wash, hair blow dry, or hair cut as you like. But synthetic hair cannot do it. The high temperature would damage the synthetic fiber. So the synthetic hair is inconvenient in your daily use. If you are just want a fresh try, only to wear wigs one or two times in a year, just for your interesting; then you need spend much money in it, you can buy the synthetic hair. But if you need to wear it for a long time, I think the human hair is better. For its’ more natural effect, longer service life and convenience using can bring you better using enjoyment.

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