The Changing Fairy: Mila Kunis

Born in 1983 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine and stepping into the entertainment circle due to the excavation of a middleman at the age of nine, Mila Kunis has been developing and flourishing in the filmdom as a renowned actress. What kind of image will first cross your mind when referring to Mila Kunis?

Will it be the pure and unpretending waitress in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the splendid ballet dancer in Black Swan or the sexy lady in the film Teddy Bear? May be it is somewhat difficult for one to give a straightforward definition of Mila Kunis. As a successful and renowned actress, Mila Kunis has resoundingly built many popular characters. From the fashion styles of her personal adornments to her different kinds of hair styles, Mila Kunis is always able to bring us new pleasant surprise each time she appear on cinema screens or in fashion journals. Mila Kunis is so amazing a changing fairy whom we can never avoid talking about when referring to different fashion hair styles and various celebrity hairstyles. So let’s preciously draw an inventory of this changing fairy’s fashion hair styles.

Centre-Parted Straight Hairstyle
This hairstyle could be counted as the most brief and pretty one among the multitudinous hair styles once worn by Mila Kunis. Mila Kunis wore this hairstyle when attending a film’s press conference, which left a profound impact on the present entertainment reporters at that time. Mila Kunis has a slightly round facial form, which tactfully refrained from the adverse effect that this straight hairstyle might much lengthen and largen facial contours. The most outstanding feature is that the texture and smoothness of this hairstyle can commendably annotate the charming temperament of a town lady. But if you are of a slender facial contour, you had better not try this hairstyle for it may bring a strong effect of lengthening to your face shape.

Mila Kunis hair

lightly Curled Hairstyle
At the 83rd Academy Awards, the appearance of Mila Kunis was rather gorgeous and breathtaking, which could not be achieved without the success of this hairstyle. The slightly short hair length and the curly hair lines adequately manifested a sense of femininity. Apart from that, the light purple lace dress worn by Mila Kunis went with the slightly curled hairstyle very harmoniously, commendably bringing out the exquisiteness of that hair bun made form Mila’s curled hairs. In addition, the curled hairs near the forehead could offer a commendable decoration effect for facial contours.


Vintage Short Hairstyle
Have you watched the film Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? If the answer is yes, then you couldn’t be more familiar about this vintage short hairstyle because it is the exact hairstyle worn by the movie’s heroine. Mila Kunis adopted this hairstyle when taking photos for the posters of a certain brand as its spokesperson. The short hair length of this hairstyle could unfold a sense of neatness before people’s eyes, which strongly brought out the vintage style hidden in this hairstyle. Matched with a black lace dress, the vintage short hairstyle unreservedly demonstrated Mila’s charming enchantment.

Mila Kunis hair











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