The Best Way To Implement The Clip In Hair Extensions

1.Creat two portions of hair higher than the nape from ear to ear.
2.Make smooth the two portions of the hair and tie them with a clip.
3.Guide the comb of the clip to the hair root and then push it to be closed and secure it would not be shedding.Make flutty of your thin hair’s root to make sure that there will be more bulk for the clips to attach to.4.Take away the clips that applied to your hair(in the second step),and repeat the third step’s tutorial,every clip should be 1 to 1/2 inch away from your last extension.And the length should from the shorter one to the longer one,applied from your bottom hair to you top head.
5.Connect the shortest one towards both sides of your head, a little higher than your ears,and set down all of your own hair.
6.Slightly comb your hair to mix your own hair with the hair extensions well.

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