Taylor Swift’s Classic And Retro Updos

Taylor Swift is a beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes. She becomes a well-deserved fashion icon not just because of her bright red lip and charming makeup of cat eyes, her classic and retro hair style also played a part. Every appearance attracts much attention. The multi-variant styles always bring impressive effect. No matter the curly hairstyle or updos with bangs, they are much pretty. Below we will introduce five classic and retro updos of Taylor Swift. Which do you like the best?

Taylor hairstyle











Smooth and tidy golden updo is noble and elegant. This hairstyle is full of noble smell of old palace. The retro feeling is shown by the slight curly bangs. Taylor Swift looks very noble, elegant and enchanting with this hair style.

Taylor hair











Fix the natural and fluffy curly hair on the both sides and back gently. Seemingly at random but it is sending out the charming and lazy breath. At the same time, the curly hair gathering behind makes Taylor quite elegant and attractive. The makeup of eyes is very successful that shows her blue and big eyes.

Taylor hair











This updo is with smooth and straight hair, which is different from the above fluffy curly hair. The concise, intellectual, fresh and refined design shows the elegant female charm completely. The straight bangs set off the ear studs very well.

Taylor hair











The tiny curly updo is very popular. The improvement of Taylor Swift’s hair is not perm the hair with small curl but to design old and retro curly updo, which looks kingly and graceful. The bright and red lip looks very beautiful and matches the eyes’ make up well.

Taylor hair











This beautiful updo reveals Taylor Swift’s face very well. Some dropping hair demonstrates femininity totally. Besides, the hairpin on the fluffy hair brings extra effect.

Taylor hair

















The soft and glossy blond hair was rolled up to be noble and elegant up do, which makes Taylor Swift pure and fresh and free from vulgarity. The neat bangs and lovely ponytail add some Nifty feeling.

Taylor swift is a goddess. This is not only due to her maverick personality but also because her attractive hair style each time when she appears. Taylor swift’s hair style has no constant design and style. It can be noble or lazy hair; it also can be graceful and enchanting curly hair. It seems Taylor swift hairstyle has no advantage on the design, but it can release the individual hairstyle charm without any decoration.

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