How to Take Care of Your Synthetic Wigs

How to Take Care of Your Synthetic Wig

If you want your synthetic wigs to last and stay beautiful there are certain things you must do. The best thing about synthetic wigs is that there isn’t much to maintain about them. Even if you wash them repeatedly they don’t need to be styled every time. Synthetic wigs know how to withstand the elements of nature which human hair wigs—blonde hair doesn’t. Using synthetic wigs are preferable especially if the weather is rainy and humid. Human hair shampoos and other care products are not to be used on synthetic wigs. Even the mildest human hair shampoo might be too harsh on a synthetic wig.

To take good care of your synthetic wig, you should:

1.Pick the Recommended Hair

Ensure to pick the recommended hair products. The properties of a synthetic wig are different from that of a real hair. This means making use of special conditioners and shampoos as well as styling products. Doing this extends the life of the wig fiber and keeps it looking absolutely stunning.

2.Use A Wide Toothed Comb

Use a wide toothed comb for detangling of synthetic wigs, comb the ends gradually moving towards the base ends. Wash with cold water only and submerge the wig in synthetic shampoo for around six minutes. Remember to gently swirl the wig when washing and avoid squeezing it.

3.Avoid squeezing, wringing, rubbing

Avoid squeezing, wringing, rubbing or using hot air on the synthetic wig, drying should be done with the help of towel presses only. Put the synthetic wig on a wig stand so that it can air dry with the conditioner on it.

4.Completely Get dried Before Styling

Before styling, allow the wig to completely get dried. You can style using synthetic wig hair products—these are special products from the ones used on natural hair wigs.

5.Washed Often

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Synthetic wigs should be washed often, occasionally after wear or at least once in fourteen days. To maintain the vibrancy of the synthetic wig only recommended products should be used. You should also ensure your synthetic hair is kept far away from hair dryers, heat, spas, curling irons and ovens as it can cause irreplaceable damage.

When storing synthetic wig a hairnet should be placed on it to prevent it from tangling. If the wig is long the long part can be tucked into the hairnet. In order to prevent dust on the synthetic wig a hair scarf can be tied around it when its left in the waveform.

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