Suitable Hair Styles for Different Face Shapes

What is your face shape? Is it oblong or round, oval or square? You must know your face shape if you want to find the hair style suit you. In fact, no matter clothing, cosmetics or hair style, some people always follow the most popular ones. But sometimes, what they choose is not the most suitable for them, especially the hair style. For example, many people like to perm a big wave hair or a small curl when they go to the hair salon though they will regret after it made.

Just because the hair style is not suitable to their face shape, so it is not ideal than they think. Actually, perming a curl can be used to adjust your face shape and facial features outline as long as you make it according to your face shape which will make you more beautiful.

hairstyles for face shapes

If you have a long face shape, you can remain your hair to your jaw and make a bang or cut the hair of two cheeks short in order to make your face look shorter. Other way, you can comb your hair to a shape of full and soft which lead to a feel of round face. If you would like to perm a curly hairstyle, you can make your neat bang thinner and perm a big wave curl. The curl hairs in both side of your face and in your shoulder can not only shrink your face shape but also have a romantic feeling with your gold brown hairs. In a word, some nature and fluffy hair style will increase the beauty of long face shape. The neat bang can cover the forehead completely and make your face smaller instantly.

hairstyles for face shapes1
If your face shape is a square face, you can choice the hair style which can cover your wide cheek so that you can show a fair maiden temperament. The key point of this hairstyle is to use your hairs to cover your two cheeks. If you feel this looks too heavy, you can also shear the hairs into layering from the middle. The thick hair end covers your two cheeks softly which gives your face a soft feeling. Besides, let your bang droop straightly or apart from the middle will make your two cheek more obvious, so the best style of your bang is drooping aslant.

hairstyles for face shapes

The oval face is regarded as the perfect face shape and you only need to take care of your hair. This face shape is suitable for all types of hair style which is the biggest advantage of it. Every hairstyle with oval face shape will be the fashion hair to make you beautiful than others.

So make a suitable hair style go with your face shape will make you be more fashion, more beautiful and attractive.













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