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64Straight and sleek hair is the in thing everywhere today. They are sleek, neat and make you look extremely professional and pulled together. However, not everyone is blessed with straight or smooth hair and putting your hair through the flat iron every day is not only time consuming but also detrimental to the health of your delicate hair. What is the solution? Pre-made sleek wigs.


In below video the pro youtube Malibu Dollface shows you exactly how to make a wig that is not only classy but also edgy and hip. The wig is a Brazilian straight hair look with 360 frontal and with this wig, in your cupboard, you too can rock the look she does.

Malibu used to 26 inches bundles and two 24 inches. The hair pieces are glued only at the front so that it is easier to put baby hair on. Moreover, as the hair pieces go all the way around the head, no ends are left sticking out. Hence there are no tracks left showing, causing the wig to look like the persons own natural hair. This is true even if the hair is tied up into a ponytail.(Furthermore there is an adjustable strap enabling the user to ensure just the right amount of tightness that they want. So your ponytail may be as loose or tight as you want.)


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The final look that Malibu creates is inspired greatly by Melody Thornton who is an American singer-songwriter and dancer. She was once the youngest member, and a prominent voice of the well-known pop group “the pussycat dolls”. After her rise to stardom from there though she left the group in 2010 to work alone and then released her first mixtape, P.O.Y.B.L on March 15, 2012.

(Melody Thornton)

(Melody Thornton)

She wanted to create a colorful hairstyle like melody’s but not have too much color in it. Hence she settled for a blonde streak. Initially, the blonde part was supposed to be sectioned and put on both sides however later Malibu decided to change it to just one streak on the right

Coming down to the method of creating the wig, firstly Malibu bleached the knots with BW white bleach beforehand to ensure smooth blending with the real hairline. She glued down the frontal piece, whereas the rest of the tracks were sewed down.

The finished wig was layered at the front to give the hairstyle a good structure and also blow dried to create classy curls.

The hair pieces and process proved to be a success as the wig stayed intact, the blond color remained blond and no hair fell off even after a handful of washes. Moreover, the tracks were full but not too full, the hair had a beautiful luster and was pre-plucked and the frontal was easy to apply.

All in all this is a great and in expensive way to create a classy yet edgy hairstyle that you can wear again and again.


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