Some Suitable Hair Styles for Some Face Shapes

Hair is important for a person, regardless of a man or a woman. If a person has dirty and dry hair, he or she won’t give other people a favorable impression. Meanwhile, if you are a lady, if you want to make yourself look attractive, you should choose a suitable hair style. I often hear of a lady complains about her face shape. It seems she can’t make a fashionable hair style because her face shape is not so good.

Actually, no matter what face shape you have, you can conceal your shortcoming with a suitable hairstyle.

Therefore, if you want to make a good hair style or a fashion hair style, you should figure out what face shape you have. The following are some hair style tips for some face shapes:

The oblong face
If you have a oblong face shape, your face will look like a rectangle. For this kind of face shape, the cheekbone looks wider than the forehead. In order to cover up this, some ladies may make a long hair. However, if your long hair isn’t conditioned well, you will make yourself look common and the hair will be in a mess. Why not weave a braid hairstyle beside one side of your face? Maybe the oblong face won’t make you look soft, but it can make you look special. Why not make advantage of this special feature?

oblong face
The round face
The lady who has a round face is always afraid that her chubby face shows up to make her look like a baby. She will make a long hair and long bang to cover up it. If you also do it like this, you will make yourself look dull and ugly. Why not shows up your chubby by cutting your bang. You can make your face look long by using the hair at both sides of your face. You should make the hair at both sides of your hair stick to your face by using some hair spray.

round face hair
Finally, if your cheekbone is too high, you may find it is too hard to find a suitable hairstyle. The short hair will make you look arrogant, and the long hair won’t make you look gender and attractive. The retro long curly hair is the most suitable hairstyle for you. The curly hair will make your hair look heavy, which can conceal your high cheekbone. Meanwhile, the long curly hair can make you look soft and attractive.

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