Some Knowledge about Lace Wigs

A wig is made from human hair, wool, feathers, or synthetic materials. Some people wear it to disguise their bald heads. Some wear it to make them look fashionable and beautiful, for example, some ladies have short hair. When they want to have a long hairstyle, they will wear the long hair wig.

Among various wigs, lace wig is the most expensive one. Lace wigs are usually made with human hair. This kind of wig is made by hooking the hair on the lace base. If you wear it, you need to glue it on your head. Once you glue it on your head properly, it won’t be taken up easily for over a week. Meanwhile, you can wear it to have a bath, swim, and even do some other violent exercise and sports. It looks like the real hair on your head. Therefore, it is not strange that it is more expensive than other kinds of wigs.


Lace wigs can be classified into Lace front wigs, Full lace wigs and Capless wigs.

What are lace front wigs?
A nylon net or fiber net is at the front of lace front wig. Then every strand of hair is hooked on the net. This kind of wig is designed properly. It contacts the skin of the head directly, so it looks very natural after being worn on your head. If you don’t tell others the truth, they can’t tell you are wearing a wig.


What kind of people is suitable to wear lace front wigs?
All people are suitable to wear this wig only if they want to wear. Some celebrities like the movie star often wear this type of wig to show up before the camera. In addition, if your hair is scarce because of suffering from some disease, you can also wear this type of wig.

What the difference between lace front wigs and full lace wigs?
Full lace wig is all made with nylon net, while for lace front wigs, they are made with one-inch nylon net from the hairline.

Now on the market, you can find the Switzerland lace wigs, French lace wigs, monofilament lace wigs and elastic lace wig. Is any difference between them? Switzerland lace wigs are very thin, and French lace wigs are more durable. The breath-ability for Monofilament lace wig is so good. As for elastic lace wigs, they can’t wrap the skin closely. If you wear this kind of wig, the wig will be easily to be noticed.


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