Some Bob Hairstyles and Its History

Bob hairstyles, over the course of its history, have been dominated the hairstyles since the 1920′, and after that, bob hairstyles have evolved from the traditional single length round cut of the 60’s to come an exciting masterpiece in various lengths with all kinds of color and layers of the 70’s. Now in the 2010 it is the new classic bob hairstyles, famous for its extremely sexy, chic and versatile hairstyles, which periodically make a huge comeback in women hair trends.

What’s more, since the hot season is coming, shot bob hairstyles are very practical. Different from the long hairstyles that would waste hours to make and hours to maintain the styles, bob hairstyles don’t have to spend too much time, maybe just an hour all so, in front of the mirror trying to style them, and it is easy to maintain.

bob hair piece

Bob hairstyles are easy to make and to maintain styles, and their classy and attractive styles are welcome by more ladies of young or old, for they wonderfully work with most textures, accentuate wonderful necklines, flatter every face shape, fit age group and highlight the delicate facial features. No matter what kinds of female they are, even some male, these bob hairstyles are good for every formal or casual occasion. Since bob hairstyles own theirs famous history and welcome by so many female, we will show the following new classic bob hairstyles and have a look at them, maybe some of the bob hairstyles are your favorite.

A medium length bob hairstyle, as perfect bob hairstyle to frame a round face for any occasion, is blow waved beautifully and parted to the side, resulting in the top front sweeping across the face to compliment the face. It is easy to maintain since it only needs a small amount of product for holding and shining, and every 4-6 weeks maintain will help keeping the shape.

bob hair piece

Applying the mousse to damp the hair and using the palm to evenly distribute it along the hair shaft, This concave bob is another bob hairstyle that it is blow-waved beautifully with the ends maintained by the medium radial brush and the pin when it is shaped, and layers also styled under to frame the face while one side is pinned back, which gives the over-all style an asymmetric look and feel. Once turning back or around at any occasions, this look is great to have a eye-catching, beautifying one more than usual and attracting more.

bob hair piece


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