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At the advent of sultry summer, we often see fashionist dress in gorgeous flowery skirts when walking in the street. But are you still staying in a fret in such hot weather even though such fashion style really dazzles you? Probably the refreshing and comfortable clothing could be your ideal fashion collocation, such as a T-shirt made of high-level pure cotton, a cool and glamorous dress, etc.

Clothing in black and white, which give people a sense of glamour and esthetics, are full of class and simplicity aside from fashion. Such natural fashion style, with the concept of low carbon fashion design, can also make you elegant, charming, casual and even mature.

Actually so many fashion ideas can be put forward once you wear the clothing in black and white. For example, adorning yourself with exquisite accessories and wearing sexy high heels, you are doomed to become the spotlight in the fashion world. This summer, keep up your heels in the sea of clothing in black and white! Next I will show you some examples about the fashion style of some famous celebrities.
blace and white matching


This dress in black and white worn by Vitoria Beckham looks so beautiful and gives her more glamorous appearance. With refreshing and clean short hair, healthy brown skin and sexy white high heels, Vitoria Beckham is worth winning a ton of compliments, which really makes other women feel pretty jealous. She also said, “A simple black dress can be traded as the most functional clothing in the wardrobe, because you can wear it in any different way. For instance, the same dress can be matched with different kinds of shoes or excellent pearl necklace. It is worth spending a sum of money on a classic dress, such as LBD. Also, these dresses are really high-quality, classic and fashionable.”

blace and white matching1

Meryl Streep
As one of the most successful Hollywood actresses, Meryl Streep always shows us her elegant fashion style every time she takes part in some important occasions. This clothing, worn by Meryl in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, looks stylish and feminine. The dominant white color reflects a perfect match with a touch of black in collar. So we should insist that a woman can still become the focus in the fashion world, though she is losing her looks.

Boasting your status and character, such classic black and white clothing adds brilliance to your perfect makeup. No matter whether you simply put on a dress in black and white or give such clothing the perfect match between shorts and t-shirt, the real fashion can be emerged on a natural basis. In this blazing summer, we are firmly convinced that we don’t uphold the complicated and bizarre clothing but prefer fashion style in black and white this summer.

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