Simple Updo Hairstyles for You

Updo hairstyles, braided hairstyles and short cut bob hairstyles are the three most popular hairstyles in the summer day. They are favorite styles for many ladies. For those ladies who do not want their hair cut being cool, they can braid or up do their hair. Compared to braided hairstyles which cost much time and ladies do not have patience to do, the updo hairstyles are one of the easiest done hairstyles.

What’s more, updo hairstyles fit for many occasions, such as updo hairstyles for prom, updo hairstyles for wedding and updo hairstyles for formal meetings. For these reasons, here this article will take a bud head, one of the updo hairstyles, as an example, and introduce how to make an updo hairstyle.

updo hair
According to the word “updo”, which suggests the hair should be long, a hairstylist would first make a pony for ladies. Therefore, coated elastic ponytail holders must be wanted, and hairpins to pick up and style the hairstyles. A comb is suggested to be held as what sound to movie is comb to hair. After a ponytail is finished, one pick up a little part of hairs and turn them to the coated elastic pony holders, using one hairpin to stick the root and tail of hair together. And then, one should take another little part of hairs and do the same work as the first step, so the rest parts are the hair do until all the tail and root of hair are being tied together. A miniature bud head appears to you. Is it the bud head finished? It is finished in generally speaking.

updo hair

For when these processes are finished, the basic skills to make a bud head are yours. But some young ladies busy with their work would not like to waste this time to make, as their time is taken up by working. Hence, some hairstylists invent some simpler ways to make bud head. One of them is the way as the old time, taking the root of pony as center and circling the rest parts around the root of pony gradually, fastening with headband.

updo hair

There are so many ways to make a bud head than this article could list. However, this basic skill is for ladies making bud head by themselves. Would you still find yourself in a double bind in whether let hair stay still or let them cut to be cool in summer? This paper comes to help you find the answer.

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