25 Best How to Hairstyles for Short Hair

Whether you want to go for an iconic, retro or modern look with a twist the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to styling short hair. Here are 25 of the best how-to hairstyles that are easy enough for you to do at home but stylish enough to look like you just walked out the salon.


  1. The Classic Pixie

The pixie is a traditional, effortless style that requires minimal effort and style looks glamorous. Go for a straight, sleek look using hairspray and mouse for perfection.

  1. Wavy Pixie

Use a heated brush wand to get the stylish look of the waved pixie. Just run the brush through your hair until reaching your desired look.

  1. Bleached Blonde Pixie

Nothing makes a bolder statement than a short, bleach blond pixie. Try wearing the hair brushed toward the back for an even bolder look.


  1. Short & Sassy Flapper

For a nostalgic look that will be sure to turn heads, try using a few bobby pins to pin curl a few pieces of hair around the hairline. A little mouse and hair spray will help to keep the style in place.

  1. The Messy Pixie

A cute and edgy hairstyle with plenty of attitude, the messy pixie takes only minutes to create. Add some styling gel to your hair while damp. Blow dry the strand upward and finish with a styling pomade to get the look.

  1. The Choppy Pixie

A blunt, choppy pixie cut can add some edginess to your overall look. Go for darker roots and lighter ends to add dimension to the style.


  1. The Grazing Bowl Cut

The grazing bowl cut with a fringe is an ultra-feminine, bold look that is sure to enhance your charm. The fringe is cut into a wispy layer to softly accentuate and frame the face.

  1. The Razor Cut Pixie

For a face-framing cut that will draw attention to your face the razor cut pixie is the way to go. It adds layers to the hair giving it depth and volume.

  1. The Voluminous Pixie

Adding volume and height to a sleek pixie cut gives this classic hairstyle a modern twist. Try adding shattered layers and angled edges as a contrast to this easy to do hairstyle.


  1. The Dark & Mysterious Pixie

When everyone else is going blonde, why not go black. Short, dark pixies are infamous for giving you a bold, edgy look.

  1. Glamorous Height

Create soft waves in the hair using a ¼ inch barrel curling iron. Use hairspray to manipulate the hair to wisp up and away from the face, sculpting the hair as you go.

  1. Sleek, Straight Bob

A sleek, straight bob just screams elegance but it also works perfectly for a flawless day to day look. Use a flat iron to smooth the hair for a perfectly polished finish.


  1. Center Part Bob

The center part bob frames the face perfectly and gives depth to an oval shape face. It will give the face more width and shorten the length. Add a little hair serum to give your hair a sleek and natural luster.

  1. A-line Bob

A short A-line bob is tons of texture to add depth and dimension to this super short hair style. Finish off with a fringe for a sedative finish.

  1. A Chic Undercut

Undercuts have been trending for the last couple of years and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. A chic undercut adds edgy details to even the classiest hairstyle.


  1. The Multi-Dimensional Bob

For a sophisticated yet trendy hairstyle, the multi-dimensional bob is certainly one to try I you aren’t afraid of hair color. The multi-dimensional tones give the hair a soft, luxurious finish that looks effortless yet stylish.

  1. The Layered Bob

The perfect hair style and length for ladies with angular faces, the layered bob creates a stunning look of perfection.

  1. The Short & Wavy Bob

The short and wavy bob is a spin on the layered bob. The cascading waves create depth and dimension to this modern and sophisticated hairstyle.


  1. Messy Ringlet Bob

To get the messy, bed-head bob look without going over the top a messy bob with ringlets is the way to go. Tease the hair and use a ¼ inch barrel iron to create curls.

  1. The Short Shag

Make a statement with the short shag cut that has returned to popularity. A side swept fringe and sleek layers give the look a modern twist to an iconic hair style.

  1. Inverted Bob with Highlights

Soft, barely there highlights added to an inverted bob combine effortless style with instant glamour. Create soft waves in the hair using a medium sized curling iron then run your fingers through the hair to separate the curls for a finished look.


  1. The Grunge Bob

The grunge bob is a popular trending hairstyle. The hair is cut very short in the back for a stacked look. The hair around the face and bangs are kept longer to frame the face for a contemporary look.

  1. Layered Crop with Wispy Bangs

This style is for those who want to add extra flair and excitement to a traditional style. Long, wispy bangs add something extra to the hair that makes this style stand out. Use a styling pomade to create the look by running your fingers through your hair and styling at the ends.

  1. Short Silver Curls

Silver hair is definitely trending right now and rightfully so, the color looks great on all ages and will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Add cascading layers to give this style some depth and soften the look.

  1. Bowl Cut with Heavy Bangs

Heavy bangs accentuate a bowl cut nicely and can complement the eyes and lips well. To get the look, pull bangs away from the crown and apply a holding spray to finish the look.

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