Several Major Hairstyles Suitable for School Girls

Girls all enjoy slicking up themselves and school girls are no exception. To slick up herself well, a girl always spends a lot of time looking for a suitable and pretty hairstyle. There are varieties of hairstyles that are suitable for school girls. However, due to the limitation of studentship, there are some specific requirements when choosing hairstyles for school girls.

Thus not every hairstyle that is suitable for most girls equally to school girls. There are several major hairstyles suitable for school girls that have become popular in recent years. They have met with warm reception in school girls not only because of their prettiness but also because of their specific characteristics and their harmonization with studentship.

Ponytail with Blunt Bangs
Ponytails are among the simplest hairstyles and they are convenient for school girls to take care of, which is very important considering school girls’ limited spare time. Ponytails with blunt bangs can apply to a variety of styles and they can meet the requirements of young school girls: prettiness, fashion and pureness. The blunt bangs straight across the forehead create a strong sense of line and can embellish different facial contours well. Ponytails tied up behind head look refreshing natural and they go with blunt bangs very well. All those make ponytails with blunt bangs become a very popular choice for school girls, especially senior high school girls.

straitght ponytail with bangs

Short Bob Hairstyle
Bob hairstyles, especially short bob hairstyles, are smooth and clean. Short bob hairstyle is another favorite choice for school girls. Short bob hairstyles with silky hairlines create an appropriate fluffy sense, highlighting students’ vigorous and youthful spirit. Under the embellishment of bangs curling slightly inward, girls’ faces often seem more petite, which makes this kind of hairstyle become a favorite choice for school girls with somewhat long faces. In addition, short bob hairstyles are very comfortable and refreshing, corresponding well with the requirements of campus life.
short bob hair

Long Straight Haircut
A normative straight long haircut is fresh and gentle and can always bring out the radian of girls’ long hair. Different from short haircuts, long straight haircuts are more suitable for school girls with oval faces for long straight haircuts’ simpleness can stick out the outline of an oval face. The morbidezza of long straight haircuts is loved by many school girls and long straight haircuts can create an extraordinary glamour when going with school uniforms.
long straight hair

Slightly Curled Haircut
Different from other hairstyles for school girls, a slightly curled haircut needs girls spend a little more time to take care of, but slightly curled haircuts’ advantage is that they can better give expression to girl students’ sweetness and pureness. Coordinating with slightly curled bangs, slightly curled haircuts can bring out a fascinating fluffy sense as well a particular neutral beauty. In addition, the hair length of slightly curled haircuts is usually not too long so it doesn’t take too much time for girls to take care of their slightly curled haircuts.
short haircut


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