Secrets in choosing the best wigs

The quality of the wigs is getting much better now, and wigs are almost like the real hair which let many celebrities indulged in wearing wigs. There are a variety of wigs showed on the market, but which one is the best, and what should we remember when choosing the wigs.

  •  As to the materials of wigs, there are three kinds:Human hair, Remy hair and synthetic hair. If you are not a cosplayer, then please don’t consider synthetic hair, because when you wear it, it makes you far away from natural, and synthetic hair is always used in movie actors.

Human hair-Remy hair-1

  • As to the hair net, you should know whether it’s comfortable and breathable. Before you buy it, you should try it on, and pull the elastic cord to test whether it’s too loose or tight. If you want to know the quality of the hair, you could use your lighter to burn one hair, and smell whether it’s unpleased, or you can turn on the high level of your hair dryer and aim at the hair for 5 seconds, if the wig is inferior, it will smells bad.

Human hair-Remy hair-2

  • Choose the hair colour that matches your own skin color. White people could choose sandy beige and chocolate brown wigs, black people could choose black and chocolate brown wigs, yellow people could choose chestnut colour and dark brown wigs.

Human hair-Remy hair-3

  • Every kind of wigs have their own methods of hair caring, you had better not use the hot water washing the synthetic hair and not blow them with hair dryer. As to the human hair, you could blow it for style. No matter what kinds of hair the wigs are, you should use good shampoo to clean them.
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