School Girls, Find a Suitable Hairstyle for You

During the old days, school girls just have one hairstyle, that is, really short hair which is also called Wax Gourd Head. But today, when you walk on the campus, you will notice that every school girl has different hairstyles. Some have straight and long hair, some others have short but a little roll hair. Their hairstyles show their own personalities, making them confident and beautiful. But I must point out not every student have a suitable hairstyles.

student hair type

Why the phenomenon becomes so popular on the campus? Firstly, as the economy grows so fast, living Standard also improves quickly. Parents can afford girl student’s high level of consumption so that they may buy expensive clothes and make different hairstyles. What’s more, they are fond of following trends, hating out of style. Take a example, a girl’s hair is straight. But after a few days, it becomes roll. The most important thing is they want to behave themselves in order to attract boy’s attention. Imagine that, if you dress well with a suitable hairstyle, is it more chance for you to meet a handsome boy?
student hair type
But on the contract, every coin have a side different. We are supposed to realize that always changing your hairstyle is not a good thing. We all know that it is chemicals that make up the hair conditioners. That means that it will do harm to our health. It is reported that a young girl who is died in the hair salon because she is allergic to the hair essences. Also, changing your hairstyle frequently will waste a lot of your precious time. I remember that it took five hours for me to make my hair look straighter. So you can imagine if you make it straight and dyed. How much time you should spend? .Sometimes a simple hairstyle is the most charming one. As a student, you can do more meaningful things not just want to show your hairstyle.

student hair type

So it is vital for school girls to find a suitable hairstyle, but how to do it? In my opinion, it is up to you. If you are a sweet girl, a popular head of boll may be great. But if you are a “handsome” girl, short hair is much better. Hair should combine with your personality appearance decorations clothes and so on. It is wrong that you make a hairstyle casually and change it over and over again.

May be someone looks beautiful in this style, but not suitable for you. Your are the only one in the word, and choose your own style. Don’t always try to follow the fashion. As a student, your major task is to study, so find a suitable hairstyle and keep it. Remember, suits you is the best!

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