Romantic Flower Hairstyle Let Your Beauty is Up to A New Level

When spring or summer is coming, do you always feel that you need to look beautiful and elegant to live up to the scenery?

flower hairstyle 1flower hairstyle 2

Do you often dream of becoming a beautiful fairy and meet your Mr. right at the corner of the street?

flower hairstyle 3flower hairstyle 4

Put on pretty clothes and paint fine makeup. Decorate yourself even down to the fingertips.

flower hairstyle 8

flower hairstyle 6

However…all of these to those fashion girls is a piece of cake. The most challenging thing for them is how to deal with their hair.
flower hairstyle 5flower hairstyle 7

Romantic flower hairstyle makes your beauty get up to a new level!
You can choose a updo or braid it with flowers.
flower hairstyle 9flower hairstyle 10flower hairstyle 11flower hairstyle 12flower hairstyle 13flower hairstyle 14flower hairstyle 15flower hairstyle 16flower hairstyle 17flower hairstyle 18

You can also braid your hair into different shapes of flowers.

flower hairstyle 19flower hairstyle 20flower hairstyle 21flower hairstyle 22flower hairstyle 25flower hairstyle 24

Apart from making you look pretty, these flower hairstyles can also attract others.
flower hairstyle 27

Well, after finishing enjoying the beautiful hairstyle above, is your facial expression like this?
Girl who are not able to deal with your hair well keep your eyes open!

The first style

flower hairstyle 28

Step 1: prepare a hair piece whose color is close to your hair inlaid with flowers and wear it on one side of your head.
flower hairstyle 29
Step 2: the hair with hair piece is braided into the fishbone braid.

flower hairstyle 30

Step 3: braid hair with the flowers mixed in the middle until it is below your ear. Then use both of hands to pull the braid in the opposite direction to make it loose.
flower hairstyle 31

Step 4: pull the rest of the hair to one side and use a rubber band to tie them together with the fishbone braid
flower hairstyle 32

Step 5: keep braiding the unfinished part.

flower hairstyle 33

Step 6: braid down to the hair end and fix it. The second part of the fishbone braid should be thicker than the first part and seems messier. One thing to note is that the flowers of the hair piece must be seen.

flower hairstyle 34

Too fascinating to be ignored—-flower fishbone braid

The Second type

flower hairstyle 35

Step 1: use a curling iron to make your hair end curl which really adds you much charm. Set aside a little bang above the forehead and a lock of hair from the top right side to weave a fishbone braid. Then fix the hair end with rubber band.
Step 2: put the fishbone braid together with the rest of the hair and tie them with a rubber band in a ponytail.
flower hairstyle 36

Step 3: pull the braid below the rubber band to make it fluffy.
Step 4: put the braid into a rose-like chignon around the band and keep the ponytail with a proper length. Use a hairpin to fix the chignon and use hairspray to keep it in style.
flower hairstyle 37

Rose-like chignon which is like a hair accessory makes you pretty.

The Third type

flower hairstyle 38

Step 1: take a lock of hair from the left side to weave a three-strand braid.
flower hairstyle 39

Step 2: take the same amount of hair from the right side to weave a three-strand braid.
flower hairstyle 40

Step 3: cross these two braids at the back of head.
flower hairstyle 41flower hairstyle 41

Step 4: weave one of the braids into the shape of the rose petals and the other braid hang down naturally.
flower hairstyle 42

This kind of hairstyle makes you unbelievable beautiful!

The fourth type

flower hairstyle 43

Step 1: take three locks of hair and weave them into three-strand braids.
flower hairstyle 44

Step 2: make the braids fluffy so that the “flowers” you shape later look “plump”.
flower hairstyle 45

Step 3: braid your hair into the shape of flowers in a clockwise direction and tied them up side by side.
flower hairstyle 46

Step 4: keep braiding until the hair end and hide the hair end under the flower-like bun.
flower hairstyle 47

You would be the flower fairy.

The fifth type

flower hairstyle 48

Step 1: comb your hair into two parts. The ratio of the left part to right part is 1:9.
flower hairstyle 49

Step 2: start braiding the bangs of the part with much more hair and make it into the French braid.
flower hairstyle 50

Step 3: braiding half and fix the braid behind ear with a hairpin.
flower hairstyle 51

Step 4: fix a portion of hair on top of your head with the big headpins.
flower hairstyle 52

Step 5: wear the flower hairband you prepare before on top of head.
flower hairstyle 53

Step 6: wear the hairband and make a knot with it but avoid making it undo.
flower hairstyle 54

Step 7: put the hair on top of head down and adjust the position of hairband.
flower hairstyle 55

Step 8: continue to braid around your head.

flower hairstyle 56

Step 9: tie the hair end of the braid with a rubber band and hide it into the flower hair band with a hairpin fixed.
flower hairstyle 57

It looks wonderful from any angle. Try this hairstyle and come to your date beautifully.

The Six Type

flower hairstyle 58

Step 1: make your hair smooth. If it is girls with straight hair, you can use curling iron to curl your hair.
flower hairstyle 59

Step 2: take out two locks of hair in front of your ears.
flower hairstyle 60

Step 3: fix these two locks of hair with hairpins.
flower hairstyle 61

Step 4: braid the rest of your hair and pull it to have the fluffy feel.

flower hairstyle 62

Step 5: take a small lock of bangs on top you took out previously and fix it behind your head
flower hairstyle 63

Step 6: this step is as same as step 5. But you need to remain a lock of bangs for preparation of next step.

flower hairstyle 64

Step 7: do the same to the other side of bangs.
flower hairstyle 65

Step 8: two locks of bangs are remained.
flower hairstyle 66

Step 9: the two locks of bangs wraps and twists around the first braid and then tie a loose knot.

flower hairstyle 67

Step 10: fix the hair end of the two locks of bangs.
flower hairstyle 68

Step 11: wear flowers to modify the overall hairstyle.
flower hairstyle 69

Casual but beautiful, butterflies may be drowned.

The Seven Type

flower hairstyle 70

Step 1: take out the upper hair on top of head and divide it into two equal parts. Then divide the left part into two locks. The right part of hair is in the midst of the two locks of hair(like the above picture shows).
flower hairstyle 71

Step 2: set the under lock of hair of the left part aside. Then use the rest of two locks of hair for weaving scorpion braid.
flower hairstyle 72

Step 3: in the process of braiding, the rest of hair is divided into many locks and are used for braiding one by one.
flower hairstyle 73

Step 4: stop braiding until it is under your left ear. The same to step 1, a lock of hair is remained and not use for braiding. Keep braiding the rest of hair.

flower hairstyle 74

Step 5: when braiding is continue to the top of the neck, take out one lock of hair form the right part. After finishing braiding, fix the end of the braid with a rubber band. At this point, the overall hairstyle is substantially complete. There are three locks of hair remained in this scorpion braid. The next step is to start braiding them.
flower hairstyle 75

Step 6: respectively weave the three locks of hair into three-strand braids and fix the braid end.
flower hairstyle 76

Step 7: twist the three-strand braids forming beautiful blooming flower shapes and use hairpins to fix them. At this moment, the overall hairstyle is done which distributes attractive luster. Do you like this fascinating hairstyle?

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