[Remy weave] Love Beautiful Ball Head in Summer

Love Beautiful Ball Head in Summer. “Hair binding style back to fashion”
Remy Weave 1

The hot half tie on hair in fashion circle
Also let countless young girl’s heart back to hair binding style.
Remy Weave 2Remy Weave 3

No matter how fashionable and elegant hair, if you always let it hang down loosely
Which will also makes people feel boring.
So, how to take care of the Remy hair will make people feel great joy?
Of course, I already have prepare a solution for you.
Today I recommend two hair binding styles to you.
[Two types of fashion hair binding type]

Remy Weave 4Remy Weave 5Remy Weave 6Remy Weave 7Remy Weave 8

[Ball head] South Korea wind ball head has always been very popular
Fashionable, beautiful and lovely
(key of South Korea head: leave some beam hair out)

Remy Weave 9Remy Weave 10Remy Weave 11Remy Weave 12Remy Weave 13Remy Weave 14Remy Weave 15Remy Weave 16Remy Weave 17Remy Weave 18Remy Weave 19Remy Weave 20Remy Weave 21Remy Weave 22

[braid ponytail] Braid ponytail has been the simplest forms of expression in binding style.
In general three strands of braid and pony tail will be the main forms.
But today I bring you more skills of fashion hairstyle.
Let the braid does not seem monotonous, but more stylish.

Remy Weave 23Remy Weave 24Remy Weave 25Remy Weave 26Remy Weave 27Remy Weave 28Remy Weave 29Remy Weave 30Remy Weave 31Remy Weave 32Remy Weave 33Remy Weave 34Remy Weave 35Remy Weave 36Remy Weave 37Remy Weave 38Remy Weave 39Remy Weave 40

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