[Remy clip in hair] IT Girl’s Secret Skill on Hair-dressing

Today, I will talk about the history of IT girls` hairstyle.
Do what people do is a way to show your love and recognition for others.
Classic hairstyle of Twiggy
Marianne Faithfull, the bangs of 60s
Medium-long hair of Kate Moss, natural but different
Hold on a second
Different from the Paris-French beauty, the hairstyle of British girls is the best to show one`s personal character. And it is adoptable for every girl! https://www.besthairbuy.com/remy-clip-in-hair/ Nobody can blame us for pursuing beauty!

Classical short hair
I love it, love it, love it…….
I can make a song for it
This haircut is easy to make, but the steps after side-parting requires time!

Remy clip in hair 1

Medium long hair with side parting
No need to introduce this hairstyle, look at the oval face……
Ah, hold on there. You can still take this hairstyle even if your face is not oval
Kate Moss

Remy clip in hair 2

Bangs of 60s
Thick as the bangs is
it is still pretty
Curls from long Clip in hair
Marinne Faithfull

Remy clip in hair 3

Straight shoulder length hair and straight bangs
This hairstyle is commonly seen those days
Yet in 60s
It was a bold choice
Pattie Boyd

Remy clip in hair 4

Old fashioned bangs
Curled bangs
Curled long hair
They are curled in the same manner, notice that
Charlotte Rampling

Remy clip in hair 5

How about this one……
I bet you know what face suits this hairstyle
Silenna Miller

Remy clip in hair 6

Side parting of Hepburn style and wavy hair
Straight bang will never ruin your overall looking as long as you know how to do it
Side parting straight bangs
Keira Knightley

Remy clip in hair 7

Fluffy bangs at eyebrow height and fluffy waves
I like this one particularly
First, the bangs. Unlike air bangs, they requires less time and attention to look after
Second, the long waves. Blessed are those with few hair
Kate Bush

Remy clip in hair 8

Double-tied hairstyle
Sweetie:What was in your head when you presented this?!
Well,Don`t you think it is different?
FKA Twigs

Remy clip in hair 9

Natural mid-split
Did you notice something
Regularly, long clip in hair has neat ends
Medium long hair, however, have ends of different length.
Cara Delevingne

Remy clip in hair 10

Mid-split at shoulder length
The haircut for square face
Remember to straighten your hair
Straighter than straight
Sam Rollinson

Remy clip in hair 11

Irregular eyebrow bangs and wavy hair
Bangs will shorten the length of your clip in hair
Alexa Chung

Remy clip in hair 12

Side parting long hair
At the first sight of it
I thought it was Zhao Wei
Daisy Lowe

Remy clip in hair 13

Shoulder length LOB with mid-split bangs
Heat is the only disadvantage of bangs
Yet mid-split is an improvement
Suki Waterhouse

Remy clip in hair 14

Mid-split bangs and sparky long hair
Small face
Long hair and bangs
Her hair is really thick!
Mid-split is a way to go
Zara Martin

Remy clip in hair 15


IT girls often participate parties or show up in front of camera.
Also, they take the lead of fashion.
Therefore, both their clothes and hairstyle may become the new fashion.
They have fashion in their palms.
These hairstyles are all popular.


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