Quick And Easy Steps For Installing Tape In Hair Extensions

During the last couple of years, human hair extensions have replaced the popularity of wearing wigs because of many advantages. Among many types of human hair extensions, the tape in hair extensions becomes increasingly popular because they are easier to install on your head. The tape in hair extensions can also be called as seamless hair extensions because they can be totally invisible when the user wears them. The excellent effect achieved by wearing tape in hair extensions has attracted more users. Many people would like to install the tape in hair extensions at home without the assistance from a stylist. Today, we will introduce some quick and easy steps for the installation of the hair extensions.the before and after effectAt first, you can brush your hair to make it smooth. Then, you can section your hair horizontally from the bottom of your neck. Now, you can place the tape in hair extensions. Make sure that you have pressed down the hair extensions onto your own hair firmly, and leave the hair extensions with space of about 0.5 inch so that the roots of your hair can be free from tension. After placing the hair extensions on your hair, you should try to move them to check if the hair can move in all directions comfortably.how to do the tape in hair extensionsIn the second step, you need to apply the second tape for the tape in hair extensions on your head so that they can be firm enough and last for months. You may need a clip to keep the human hair extensions up, and then, you can take 10-15 individual hair and sandwich them between the two extension tapes. You can press down the tapes to get the double-sided tape adhered together. By doing so, you will find that the tape in hair extensions can last longer than using common glue. All other hair extensions can be attached onto your own hair by repeating step 1 and step 2.various kinds of tapesAfter the tape in hair extensions are well attached in the first row, you need to remember that there should be a distance of about 1 inch between the first row and the second row. If the human hair extensions do not look harmonious with your own hair, you can remove them and re-taped them. When all hair extensions are in required positions, you can brush them gently to make them look natural with your own hair. We hope the quick and easy steps for installing the tape in hair extensions can help you out.



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