Pros and Cons of Clip in Hair Extensions

Best Pros and Cons of Clip in Hair Extensions

What is Clip in Hair Extensions?

Well, as the name suggests, these hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with the help of clips. They usually range in width for differest areas of the head, from 1 clip for the area in front of the ear, to 3 or 4 clips for the back of the head.

Clip in hair extensions can make your hair feel longer, fuller and look more radiant. Many people choose to have hair extensions, and the easiest, quickest way to put them in your hair is to clip them, rather than have them sewn into your beautiful hair.

When considering clip in hair extensions those two things are most important: choosing the best hair quality and the best hair extension for you.

Now lets get into the actual pros and cons of clip in hair extensions:

The Pros of Clip in Hair Extensions

  1. Won’t damage your hair
  2. No need to go to the salon
  3. Can be easily applied at home
  4. Relatively cheap
  5. Not permanent(When you’ve had enough, you can just take them out!)

Clip in extensions can be more convenient. Any person can attach clip-in hair extensions without having to go to a hairdresser and pay for service.

They are convenient for slipping into your hair at the last minute before a glamorous night out and easy to remove when you get home. Provided that you clip them in directly under your hair, they will be virtually invisible.

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The Cons of Clip in Hair Extensions

  1. Generally made from low-quality, synthetic hair
  2. Will look obvious that there are hair extensions in place
  3. Cheap, so often don’t look as natural as other methods
  4. Have a tendency to fall out
  5. Hair only lasts for a few months
  6. Can be difficult to wear with your hair in an updo

By the way, clip in hair extensions are easy to pull out by mistake. You could end up with a bald spot if some natural hair comes out with it if you catch your hair on something and it tugs the clips out.

The clip in hair extensions can also be visible if not placed in correctly. For example, If people with shorter hair use them, they will not have the long cover to disguise the clips. And it will look obvious that there are hair extensions in place. So, make your choice!

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What Do Hair Extensions Cost?clip in hair extensions 1

The prices of hair extensions can vary depending on what type of hair extension you get, how they are attached, how many extensions are required, the length etc.

Let’s look at some important information you need to consider and what questions you should be asking before you make your final decision.

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