Proper Hair Care Method

To protect the hairdress that your barber designed for you, daily care is required. But first, you need to know to which kind of skin does your scalp belong. The types of shampoo on the market nowadays can be confusing. Are you aware of the type that suits you?


hair care1Dry Skin
The feature of dry skin is the white-grey scalp, which appears vigorless under the hair. Tiny handruff is one common problem for dry skin, the other is the sense of tightness of the scalp, along with the itch and sting.To the group of dry skin, products with strong cleaning effect are not suggested, for they take away too much water from your scalp, making your dry skin even drier.
Principles of Protection: Tea-seed oil, sesame oil and coconut oil are helpful in keeping your skin wet without clogging trichopore. They are suitable for dry skin.
hair care2
Sensitive Skin
People are sometimes confused with dry skin and sensitive skin.You might feel intches or find that your new shampoo does not agree with you.As sensitive it is, dandruff and inches are oftenly seen to those with sensitive skin. Excessive exposure to sunlight is one of the common reasons.
Principles of Protection: Products containing mineral substances or botanical composition, like proplis, chamomile and aloes, are helpful in easing one`s nerve and protection one`s hair.
hair care3
Oily Skin
This type of skin is easy to be observed. Your hair stays oily even if you wash them every morning.Oily and rough hair suggests: You have so-called “invisible dandruff syndrome”, which means your dandruff are sticked onto your hair by the oil.
Principles of Protection:In common sense, zinc preparations can be used to kill fungoid and get rid of the annoying dandruff. Natural substances like mint and green tea have similar functions. Scalp treatment masks have the prime effect of absorbing oil, and they are more comfortable than other products.



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