Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles Worn by Euro-American Stars

Among all those fashion hair styles, ponytail is a hairstyle in which the most part of a girl’s hair is plaited in to a braid at back of her head. And just as the name suggest, the modeling of a ponytail looks like the tail of a horse. In recent years, different kinds of ponytail hairstyles have fast become the favorite hairstyles of many girls because of their refreshing fashion style and contracted hair design. And we can often find out many beautiful ponytails among those celebrity hairstyles. Today, we are going to make an inventory of several pretty ponytail hairstyles worn by some Euro-American female stars.

Sofia Vergara, the chief actress in Modern Family, demonstrated a pretty ponytail hairstyle in front of the entertainment reporters when she attended a press conference in last year. For designing this hairstyle, Sofia Vergara chooses the design of middle parting for the hair on her forehead and she leaves two strands of her bangs to rest lightly on her cheeks, which can nicely embellish the facial form. And the hair on top of her head is fashioned to be plump. The ponytail behind the head is permed to be slightly curly, giving people a lingering charm.


In order to bring out her charming eye make-up, Lea Michele chooses to wear a ponytail of a rather simple hair design. Set off by the pair of blue eyes, the facial features of Lea Michele look much more three-dimensional. And the whole hair style and the blue evening dress have nicely brought out the best in each other. But, if you want to wear such a ponytail, you need to blow-dry and straighten your hair. And using some hair sprays will be better.


Blake Lively can always impress people with her different gorgeous hairstyles, and this ponytail worn by her is no exception. The best part of this ponytail hairstyle lies in its wavy hair of the braid. And in order to make your hair wavy, you can have your ponytail go through an airing treatment. Matched with Blake Lively’s youthful smile, the whole hairstyle looks rather healthy and more energetic.


As for this ponytail worn by Kate Beckinsale, it is rather neat and tidy. In this hair style, Kate Beckinsale’s forehead is fully revealed, which has nicely brought out the delicate facial features. And the golden hair dyes make the whole modeling full of vitality. If you want to design such a ponytail hairstyle for yourself, on the previous day after washing your hair, you need to use a large-size hair roller to wave your hair, making it wavy.


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