Perfect Mans Hairstyles for Long Faces

No matter what kind of face shape you have,you could find one hairstyles suit you perfectly. Now, I would like to list some popular hairstyles for you all by taking those of celebrities as examples.
Different from the diversity of woman’s long hair, man’s relatively short hair has fewer possibilities to create fancy haircuts for making up the drawback of face shape. For a man with long face, the key point to get an impressive appearance lies in the special bangs. Therefore, hair-designers pay much attention to their bangs.

zayn malik Thin Bangs with Flat-top
For men with long faces, the most commonly welcomed style is the flat-top featuring a long, thin bang in a side parting, which plays an important role to shorten the length of face in sight. It suits the young most, which not only shows the vibration with life but also his personality.
Leehom Wang Thin Bangs with Regular Haircut
The best thing to make a long face of square shape attractive is ambiguity. By taking use of hairs of different length, it is possible to disguise parts of face and present the charisma of a man. It is also called Simple “gentleman hairstyle”. Simple color, irregular hairline and the slant bangs in the front would impress you with the maturity and profundity, but no longer the naughty.
Taylor Lautner

No Bangs
Even though the bangs act vitally for a man with long face, it is also possible for such a man to attract others with a hairstyle without bangs.

chun wu

Thick Bangs with Bouffant Short Hair
It fits the long face of obvious oval shape- a type of narrow forehead, jaw line and relatively wide cheekbones. Bouffant short hair can make up the drawbacks of the face shape. The wavy bounced hair on the top of head and the bangs on the forehead balance the width of head and chin, and disguise the narrowness of cheekbones. In this way, an excellent square face is set off.

Crew Haircut Of longer Length
Generally speaking, crew haircut does not fit men with long faces, but if we add some specialty into the style, it would be different. Hairs are much longer in this style, which leaves the fullness to others and thus modify his narrow face. This style suits the long face of a young man well.
Look! Taylor Lautner.

In a word, what fits you best? You decide it!

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