[Ombre Hair] 12 Sign Matches With Hair Color

12 Sign Matches With Hair Color

In the era of fashion, hair-dyeing has become common, we can just see whose hair-dying is more appropriate to oneselves!

It is said the people who belongs to what constellation will match what kind of color of hair.

Look whether it is right?


Ombre hair 1

Aries people are always full of spirit and vitality, outspoken, straightforward and smart. A lot of successful women belong to this constellation, such as: Jung Soo Yeon, Shin Min A, Baek Ji Young, Kan Qingzi……

Aries girl like the eastern neutral clothing, deep pink hair can reconcile the Aries woman’s masculine, not only can exhibit Aries energy, but also does not lose femininity, and emphasize bright eyes.

Jung Soo Yeon

Ombre hair 2Ombre hair 3

Shin Min A

Ombre hair 4Ombre hair 5

Baek Ji Young

Ombre hair 6

Kan Qingzi

Ombre hair 7

Pink has both deep pink and pink highlights, Aries choose what they like, one who has white skin will be OK for printing all pink.

Taurus: Dark Brown

Ombre hair 8

Taurus people are cautious, prudent, conservative and practical, mostly are loyal to tradition and discipline.

They do not love fancy in dress, they are law-abiding people. Brown for Taurus, hair color is not exaggerated, can be the first step of hair dying.Darkest Brown Hair extensions is very popular nowsdays.

Li Xiaoran​

Ombre hair 9

Deng Jiajia

Ombre hair 10Ombre hair 11

Yang Yuying

Ombre hair 12

Miranda Kerr

Ombre hair 13Ombre hair 14

There is an advantage of deep brown: if you do not look carefully, this color will be considered as your own hair color, very natural.


Gemini: Red

Ombre hair 15

Gemini are intelligent, clever, quick witted, quick response, much change, tired of the boring and belong to multiple changeable people.

Gemini does not have special hobby in dress, what they wear is depended on the situation to make changes.

Red hair series show the changeable personality of Gemini.


Kim Hyun

Ombre hair 16


Ombre hair 17

Lin Yuner

Ombre hair 18

Gemini can choose wine red, crimson or dark red among red series.


Cancer: light brown

Ombre hair 19

Cancer is gentle, considerate, sensitive, home-loving and affectionate.

Cancer is female-like but relatively conservative in the dress, light brown hair can not only make Cancer lively, but also very modern, and no lack of tenderness.


Zhang Jiani

Ombre hair 20Ombre hair 21Ombre hair 22

Guo Xuefu

Ombre hair 23

Ombre hair 24Ombre hair 25

An Shaoxi

Ombre hair 26

Tengjing Lina

Ombre hair 27Ombre hair 28Ombre hair 29

Light brown and linen color are very similar, is a common but not ordinary hair color.


Leo: light brown

Ombre hair 30

The Leo is confident and not frill, noble and proud, like the crowd cheering, with the king of the wind the Leo’s dresses are generally beautiful and bright, pay attention to quality, light brown hair can reconcile the Leo’s sharp.


Zheng Shuang

Ombre hair 31Ombre hair 32

Zhang Yuqi

Ombre hair 33Ombre hair 34

Song Zhixiao

Ombre hair 35Ombre hair 36Ombre hair 37

A light brown hair makes the Leo girls become tender.

VIRGO: Black

Ombre hair 38

Virgo’s practical, shy and introverted, mild temper, not good at expressing themselves, often fond of being a loner, but still hopes striking deeply in the heart, so they attach importance to wearing and most of the Virgo girl skin is white, so black is the most suitable. http://www.besthairbuy.com/1b-natural-black/​


Fan Bingbing

Ombre hair 39Ombre hair 40

Liu Yifei​

Ombre hair 41

Jiang Shuying

Ombre hair 42Ombre hair 43

Han Caiying

Ombre hair 44Ombre hair 45

Leslie Kim

Ombre hair 46Ombre hair 47

Some Virgo people are black hair all their life and never dye it.


LIBRA: light brown

Libra people love peace, elegant and natural, only fairness and beauty matters. Wearing free but not casual, have their own unique insights, a period of time will become heterogeneous style…… Light brown, elegant and soft, matches with Libra 99.99%.

Sun Li

Ombre hair 48Ombre hair 49

Jia Jingwen

Ombre hair 50Ombre hair 51

Yin Enhui

Ombre hair 52Ombre hair 53Ombre hair 54

Pei Xiuzhi

Ombre hair 55Ombre hair 56

Mizuhara Kiko

Ombre hair 57Ombre hair 58Ombre hair 59

Libra girl is beautiful, so the beauty-control is also very serious ~ ~ right?


Scorpio: black and bright hair color

Ombre hair 60

Scorpio people are mysterious and solemn, charming and attractive, both has the character of wild and intractable. Black, bright hair color can be ablest to foil the mysterious temperament of Scorpio.


Qi Wei

Ombre hair 61Ombre hair 62

Liu Yan

Ombre hair 63

Zheng Xiujing

Ombre hair 64Ombre hair 65

Gianna Jun

Ombre hair 66Ombre hair 67

No perming and no dying is not most suitable for Scorpio, but very suitable is not wrong.


Sagittarius: deep mahogany

Sagittarius hate restraint, love freedom, do not fuss, trust in their own intuition. Deep mahogany can show Sagittarius relaxed and free attitude.

Jiang Mengjie

Ombre hair 68

South Paula

Ombre hair 69

Deep Mahogany is the same as Brown linen, or you can choose dark linen.


Capricorn character is cautious, responsible, willing to help others, is a cooperation partners on work. They do not have a great change in the clothes, and the color is more often deep hair color, chestnut dying can ease the sense of seriousness Capricorn bring to people.

Li Baoying

Ombre hair 70Ombre hair 71

Gu Ha Ra​

Ombre hair 72

Chestnut is the shell color, and more like red brown.


Aquarius :Grape red

Aquarius people are lazy but calm, imaginative but very rational, do not care about the secular vision and ideas, or build their own world. Dressed in the habit of choice in line with their own image which they want to establish, it is never important whether it is suitable for their own, the important is the new!

Zhang Zixuan

Ombre hair 73

Pu Baoying

Ombre hair 74

Grapes red will give people a image of good complexion, in the eyes of Aquarius, grapes red is more attracting than other red colors.


Pisces: Chestnut

Pisces is romantic and love fantasy, always be melancholy and moody, considerate and imginative. They love soft clothing, chestnut is a good color collocation.

Liu Shishi

Ombre hair 75

Yang Ying

Ombre hair 76

Sung Yuri

Ombre hair 77

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