Men’s Fashion Clothing Coordination And Matching In Summer

Summer is on its way and everyone is busy stuffing its own wardrobes with summer clothes. Like ladies, men are also wandering how to achieve fashion clothing matching, such as how to make the best coordination for colors and patterns to brighten up their overall looks. Here we get some snapshots on some hipsters. Let’s have a look at how they are playing with clothing coordination.

light blue coat and simple T-shirtIn summer, most men prefer casual and comfortable outfits. A simple grey cotton T-shirt, a thin light blue denim coat, light brown shorts, together with a pair of bright blue spots shoes, make the whole look casual yet delicate. The blue watch strap echoes with the shoes and makes a perfect decoration. With a large deep brown patterned bag, you can absolutely become the spotlight in the business suit and white trousersA simple white shirt matches well with a pair of grayish-white casual trousers. The deep blue modified business suit increases the layer feeling and the British style shoes bring a little bit retro flavor.grey shirt with grey trousersIt looks natural when a grey denim shirt is matched with jeans in the same color. It is a fashionable act to roll up the trouser legs. The yellow flat shoes are greatly highlighted.white shirt with pullover sweaterEvery man is supposed to learn and get the knowledge of simple clothing matching. It will never be outdated if you wear a white shirt with a pullover sweater. Pay attention to the length of your trousers, for it is really a bad fashion to wear trousers which are too long.Bright red plaid suit and jeanBright red and blue plaid suit can make you outstanding in the street crowd without doubt. Remember to choose a low-key and pure color shirt to fit it inside. A pair of form-fitting jeans is enough to match with the suit. With brown lace-up boat shoes, British style is revealed shirt and strip sweaterThe eternal strip element is so classic that it will never stay away from fashion trends no matter what time it is. A blue shirt is worn inside and a strip sweater outside. Together with a backpack, they bring people’s memory back to the simple and happy time in trousers and khaki hunting shirtPurplish red casual trousers are matched with a light khaki hunting shirt. The feeling of British yuppie is showed by wearing the sunglasses and the pointed boots. This outfit is suitable for fair-skinned boys.deep V-neck short-sleeved T-shirtIt looks relaxed and easy by wearing a deep V-neck short-sleeved T-shirt, rolled-up shorts and mixed color boat shoes. The over-sized watch and the classic frog glasses increase personal magnetism. The red belt is also a highlight of the whole look.





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